Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Belt and blade: Robin Williams tortured himself before his death – Komsomolskaya Pravda in Ukraine

         Oscar-winning actor, who was found dead at his home in California on August 11, exposed himself to a painful torment, before you go to the next world.

 According to the official version of the police, 63-year-old Robin committed suicide by hanging himself with a leather belt in the bedroom of his mansion in the Californian town of Tiburon. But during the investigation into the death of the actor revealed that before to commit suicide, Williams also tried to slit his wrists. And as Robin caught his arm ordinary pocketknife, the plan failed: not too sharp blade left on the skin surface only shallow cuts.

 Vain suffering only increased obsession samokazni and Williams pulled out of the closet one of your own belt and tied it to the neck, fastened between the cabinet door and the door frame. And then everything is in a bad, very bad movie. Pressing his right shoulder to the door, in a sitting position, Williams choked. Hollywood star body closer to the dinner Monday found in the bedroom of his personal assistant. Robin’s wife did not even suspect that her man is not long for this world, having escaped early in the morning for work, and have not looked into the room wife …

 Depression from which komeyny superstar suffered recent years, called the main cause of suicide. What led to this very Robin depression – a separate issue. Williams has long been treated for alcohol and cocaine dependence, and complained in the past year on the precarious financial situation.

 A family friend, who was one of the last contact with Robin, admitted: “It is only that, and said that their financial problems. But Rob – a man with a broad mind and at the peak of its popularity helped all his friends indiscriminately, cost someone hint of monetary difficulties! But when help is needed it the most, next to no one. More Robin was upset that because of the need to pay off accumulated debts, he was forced to accept the offer of roles in film and on television, which he absolutely did not like! “

 In fairness, we note that Mr. smile exaggerate their money “need” – the actor had a few solid banking zanachek and state Williams in 2012 was estimated at $ 130 million. Good poshelesteli the pockets of lawyers Robin two ex-wives, loans in 2013, the fabulous “movable” amount, but these losses are not threatened bankruptcy of the artist.

 However, on his successors Robin took care of as it should. Three children (the actor left two adult sons and a daughter), loving father bequeathed a legacy that will be paid in installments. 22-year-old Cody, 25-year-old Zelda and 31-year-old Zachary month will be deducted from the money generated by Williams in 2009 accounts. Third of the amount has been transferred to them all 21 years of age and in full inheritance offspring comedian was obtained 25 and 30 years, respectively.

 So Rob wanted to keep the Williams podrostaet of free-thinking waste of property. By the way, the prudent Williams complained about the lack of “free money”, were discovered and other accounts, the right of inheritance which had widowed Susan Schneider.

  Be aware

  Man smile comes to life on the screen four times

 A small consolation for the admirers of the comic genius Williams: before heading to the worlds best actor had filmed in four feature films. In December of this year will see the comedy “Night at the Museum: The secret of the tomb,” in which Rob played a major role – an animated statue US President Theodore Roosevelt. In 2015, forward on the big screen, “It’s fucking Christmas miracle” and “Boulevard.” In the last Robin played the role of a man trying to avoid a dull existence … Williams also voiced the dog in the movie “All the way you want,” which will premiere in 2015, too.


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