Thursday, August 21, 2014

Crimean museums ready in court to prove their right to the Scythian gold – The radio station Echo of Moscow

At the same time, they are, as well as the Crimean authorities currently satisfied with the decision not to return the Dutch museum collections nor Scythian Crimea, Ukraine no.

Enough weighted called the decision of the Dutch side of the deputy chairman of the Crimean government Dmitry Polonsky. He believes that now the fate of Scythian gold should be resolved at the international level between Russia and Ukraine. Either it will negotiate, or – litigation. In turn, the director of the Central Museum of Tauris, which formed part of the collection, has promised to seriously prepare for the trial. In an interview with RIA “Novosti”, he pointed out that the positions of the Crimea are much stronger than those of the Kiev. At the same time he recognizes the positive side in the decision of the Netherlands, as the Scythian gold is not transmitted Ukraine unilaterally. The collection was moved to the Archaeological Museum Alard Pearson in Amsterdam in February – that is, even before Russia annexed the Crimea. Ministry of Culture of Ukraine indicates that these items are recognized republic of state property and insists on their return to Kiev.

The collection “Crimea: gold and the secrets of the Black Sea” presents more than five hundred pieces of one of Kiev and four Crimean museums.


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