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Day of Remembrance of Viktor Tsoi August 15 held in Moscow, St. Petersburg and elsewhere in Russia – Business Petersburg

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Memorial Day rock legend Viktor Tsoi August 15 held in Moscow, St. Petersburg and throughout Russia. Exactly 24 years ago, millions of people have a favorite musician was killed in a car accident and took off toward the bus in his dark blue “Moskvich” on the way to Latvia. Today admirers of Viktor Tsoi in St. Petersburg are flowers on his grave in the Theological cemetery in Moscow – are going to the wall on the Arbat. In many cities of Russia held the evening of memory of who was destined to die young.

Today, August 15, 2014, the day the memory of Viktor Tsoi – the legendary poet and musician whose life was abruptly curtailed 24 years ago.

August 15, 1990, about PM Viktor Tsoi was in a car accident on the 35th kilometer of the highway “Sloka-Tulsi”, a few kilometers from Riga. According to the official version, the musician rushed to his dark blue “Moskvich-2141″ at the speed of 130 kilometers per hour, fell asleep from exhaustion and flew towards the bus.

“In. Tsoi was absolutely sober on the eve of destruction. Anyway, he did not drink alcohol during the last 48 hours before his death,” – said in the excerpt from the police report, published on the website Musician mourned tens of thousands of people across the country.

For residents of St. Petersburg, then still Leningrad, this day was especially bitter. After all, the city was native to the musician. June 21, 1962 Choi was born in the hospital district of Moscow at street Kuznetsovskaya house 25 It was in St. Petersburg at the Theological cemetery and buried 28-year-old Viktor Tsoi. At the funeral was attended by thousands of people.

On the day of memory of Viktor Tsoi August 15 fans of his work from one year to gather together, sing his songs with a guitar, arrange evening memory.

St. Petersburg August 15, 2014, of course, has not disregarded the Day of Remembrance of Viktor Tsoi. Fans of the musician in the morning bring flowers to his grave. In addition, the city will host a concert in memory Tsoi.

Prepare for the Day of Commemoration of the musician in St. Petersburg began to advance. Recently, a group HoodGraff painted a giant portrait of Choi at the transformer substation in the courtyard between the streets of the Rebellion, and Mayakovsky. In the portrait painted line from the song “Blood”: “I would like to stay with you …” Local authorities initially wanted to paint a portrait of a musician unmatched, but then changed their minds.

Memorial Day Viktor Tsoi August 15, fans of the musician in Moscow are flowers on the wall, located on the Arbat.


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