Saturday, August 16, 2014

Five years Nazal happened was a terrible accident at the Sayano-Shushenskaya hydroelectric power station – Channel One

Today, employees of Sayano-Shushenskaya hydroelectric station observed a minute’s silence in memory of colleagues who died five years ago, during our country’s largest man-made catastrophe on hydropower.

Today, the staff of the Sayano-Shushenskaya hydropower station observed a minute’s silence in memory of colleagues who died five years ago, during our country’s largest man-made disaster on hydropower.

The reconstruction of the station and the trial of the criminal case is still going on. And until now, those who survived this accident, stands in front of the eyes of a terrible scene when the flow of water poured into the machine room, sweeping away everything in its path.

Valentina Gulin no longer works at the station, recently retired nurses and grandchildren. The horror that experienced at the time of the accident, said never forget. She could not swim, but in the flow of water suddenly gushed into the engine room station, kept struggling.

“Here, now, I think, lose consciousness, and it will not lose any. I floundered, I so screaming … “- she says.

The main technical cause of the accident, experts believe metal fatigue in securing the turbine cover. Vibration giant construction just frustrated. What happened next, like shots of disaster movie.

“loud bang … I thought – exercises purely teaching. Did not occur, there may be an accident. So the stability of this structure and strength, and the belief that this can not be … “- says an expert on the protection of the regime and the power plant Oksana Bernyakovich.

When collapsed sweeping everything in its path the flow of water, Oksana Bernyakovich was at the checkpoint. Her husband – in the engine room station. He also managed to get out. Now they remember their friends and colleagues who were unable to escape. 75 workers were killed HPP. A minute of silence was held in all the branches of “RusHydro”.

at the Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP rehabilitation works are almost five years since then, as in the engine room made out all the debris. Then it became clear that only a portion of the hydraulic units must be repaired. The remaining re-manufactured.

Delivery of turbines and generators in itself has become a large-scale operation. Giant parts made in St. Petersburg, drove along the Northern Sea Route and lifted up the Yenisei, while breaking the other two hydropower plants – Krasnoyarsk and Mainskaya. Each flight lasted several months.

“Currently restored nine out of ten hydroelectric units, and are in the final stages of work on the tenth, the last hydraulic unit, the introduction of which in October 2014 the reconstruction phase he’s going to end,” – said Dmitry Rybalko deputy. chief engineer of the power plant.

After the accident and design, and aggregates the station underwent a thorough examination. Researched and very dam. As the results of the analysis, the destruction of the power plant had no effect on its stability and reliability.

This is the highest dam in the world of this type – 242 meters, as the eight put on each other nine-standard. From here you can visually assess what an incredible power of pressure on this structure.

The biggest changes have occurred in the security systems. Then seconds after the start of the accident at the station out of service all the systems of protection. There was no light and communications. In order to manually lower the safety stops and cut off the flow of water, the staff had to flee to the crest of the dam, ie, wasting precious time. Now all this can be done in a moment right at the central control station. It is located on the flood mark.

“To date, the CPU is reset switch for emergency repair shutter in contingency staff will be able to prevent the development of crash impact on these keys and emergency stop hydraulic units”, – says Vladimir Luferenko, Acting chief engineer of the power plant.

This is a security breach, according to the investigation, and led to the largest in the history of domestic hydropower man-made disaster. One of aggregates continued to use its full capacity in spite of the elevated level of vibration. At the dock there were seven people – former director, chief engineer, his deputies and officers monitoring station. Relatives of the victims expect to hear the verdict this fall.

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