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This year, the festival drew near Vyborg to Europe even more than usual – thanks to the arrival of Gerard Depardieu with the Franco-Russian co-production of “Victor”, Krzysztof Zanussi, who brought to spetspokaza imbued with religious fervor painting anti-corporate “foreign body”, as well as the closing film “Two women “Faith Glagoleva where Rafe Fiennes plays Turgenev man landowner (in a scenario is the play” A Month in the Country “) around which passions run perevlyublyavshihsya each other inhabitants of his estate.


impregnates Glagolevskij painting cutesy little mental anguish densely concentrated, and the product of the Grand Prix at Arseny Gonchukova, a frequent visitor to the small Russian festivals, collecting money for their own films. Prior to that, his work (a short film on the theme of international relations “Terminus” social drama “1210″ or melodrama “Flight. Three days after the disaster”) could be seen mostly on the Internet. From all gonchukovskogo creativity “Son” is the least interest to the viewer, even fascinated art house and able to understand not only the traditional narrative, but also the metaphorical logic of black and white almost wordless parable.


The hero takes care of the schizophrenic mother, whom he hopes to send to Germany for treatment, but does not have time, and after her death, decides to meet up with his sister and father, who have not seen, and as is usual in such films, it is about “path to oneself”. However, an attempt to use the “irrational tools” to work with the actor mentioned by the director at a press conference, with the aim of creating “unique psychological pattern” often results in the creation of the screen tight viewer psychopathological ornament.


«Son” was not the only film-bed among the winners “Window to Europe”. More enjoyable, not so stuffy and monotonous dream became “The Gift” by Sergei Karandashova of 12-year-old boy, who takes over the ability of the magic from her grandmother-witch. This picture is fabulous poshiba director gives a surreal dreamlike atmosphere, maybe even with excessive zeal. Characters and then wake up from slumber the next, as if getting to the next level of reality, only to soon discover that they, too, and it’s a dream, and the frame and then veiled a snowflake, the soap bubbles. The jury headed by Igor Tolstunov awarded “The Gift” diploma “for piercing lyricism atmosphere accompanying the innermost feelings of the hero on the threshold of the adult world.”

On the threshold of the eternal world of the adult is the hero of the most spectator picture of the festival, took first place in the competition “Vyborg account”, the results of which are determined by audience vote – the comedy “Mama Daraga!” Yaroslav Chevazhevsky, the author of the immortal opus about the adventures of the penis “happy ending.” The jury also assessed a game contest “Mama”, awarding her a special prize from the somewhat abstract formulation “for his loyalty to the genre,” though rather in this case refers to the fidelity cheeky tone and eccentric humor. This time the hero Jaroslav Chevazhevsky is sissy whose Parent seems that he is sick with something, so he lives almost in a detention center, eating mountains of pills and works in a pharmacy. Worse than any infection fanatical mother seems to draw on the horizon, the potential bride’s son, but his many colorful friends (among them the favorite actor of director Yuri Chevazhevsky Kolokolnikov) help the hero to establish privacy and escape from Mammy’s home clinic.

Picked up a medical theme and film, awarded special prize for debut and prize Guild of Film Critics of Russia – “Patients” Ella Omelchenko – a long war waged by the psychoanalyst and the priest. Go to first walk is not too happy family life husband, the second – the wife; one recommends divorce as the best psychotherapeutic agent, other, of course, says that in whatever was to keep the family.


The script for “Patients”, in which the fore the relations between the two supporters of different methods of healing the human soul between them are not so little in common, earned him the script Dmitry Lemeshev well-deserved prize named Savva Kulish – “for originality dramatic decisions.” But in general, “Patients”, avoiding as psevdoavtorskogo shamanism psychological soul-saving themes and satirical mockery of it, turned out the most healthy and sane Vyborg film festival, the most appropriate motto “Russian cinema – the forecast for tomorrow.”


Lidia Maslova


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