Monday, August 18, 2014

In Artek was a children’s contest “New Wave” – ​​the Russian Newspaper

The contest was held again in the Crimea, and it competed with representatives from 11 countries. In the final part of the children’s “New Wave” came out one by one the young artist from Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Latvia, Italy, Romania. Two – Georgia and Israel, and three – from the Ukraine and Russia. Moreover, there was even one group – “4 frames” from Moscow. As can already tell from the name, it came just four members: three girls and one boy, who, of course, was lucky to be in such a pretty and melodious company.

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The Main Stage Children’s “New Wave” impresses even the regulars prestigious adult open-air. The sheer size, two screens, on which the inscription “Artek. Crimea. Russian” – things to be seen even from the back rows, excellent acoustics, an impressive light show. Full house, the invitation by the organizers in the room of parents of participants, two juries: a parent and a professional, in which the tone was set by Igor Sharp, Leshchenko and Philip. Good jokes, warm atmosphere, the audience empathy and often loud and enthusiastic comments from places such as the young, as well as the contestants, fans (some adults live trying to be quiet and not to shoot down performers, but kids are kids …). Unexpected songs in the repertoire … Ohana Tebultok from Romania, for example, quite grown-up sincerely and enthusiastically sang “Love Is Like a Dream” from the repertoire of Alla Pugacheva. And while never messed Russian words of this wonderful smash hit. It was his Ohana chose the first day of competition, when all candidates had to sing one by one, her favorite global hit.

The Main Stage Children’s “New Wave” and gives the impression of adult patrons prestigious open-air

Well, on the second day of the 17 finalists had to pick and sing a song of their favorite cartoon or movie. Actively going and voting of the audience on the competition website. According to the results of a winner in the category of “People’s Choice Award”.

And one of the most important persons acting children’s “New Wave” was Philip. He not only worked on the jury and gave wise advice to young contestants, but every day he sang on stage. During the three days of competition popular singer performed two of his hit “My joy” and “Bird”. On the day of closing in Artek premiered a new song Kirkorov “Idol.” At the same time, as the press attache of artist Olga Alexeeva, so far this year in his busy touring schedule of concerts in the Crimea is not planned.

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indoor kids “New Wave” was on 18 August. In Artek were awarded the winners and a gala concert, which was attended by Philip, Leshchenko, Julia Savicheva, Dominik Joker, group Serebro, 5sta Family, a children’s choir Igor Hardball “New Wave”, as well as foreign stars: Bosson and Roberto Kel Torres.


People’s Artist of Russia Alexander Rosenbaum said he was willing to go to a concert in the south-east of Ukraine. He said: “I will speak anywhere for people who need to communicate with the art of conversation, a breath of air.” And at the same time said that at the moment is not ready to speak on the western Ukraine. Explained that he is now “… and irritant to the authorities, and provocateurs. They are two of the stimulus – and a Jew, and Moskal. Whatever happens because of my arrival, civil strife, I would not go there. I’m a doctor, I’m sick of people know “.

This popular musician (in the past – the doctor” first aid. “- Approx. AA) gave New Russia and his personal humanitarian aid: load insulin intended for monthly treatment to 200 people. And it was there to answer “deep gratitude” and the words that “… the fighting continues in the region of Lugansk. Guys will not give up their land”.


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