Saturday, August 23, 2014

In Moscow, destroyed a unique home of the modern era – My Area

 Profitable house built in 1905, located on the 1st Tverskaya street, 22, was completely demolished this week. From the building, designed by architect Paul Zarutsky nothing left, said “Arhnadzor».

 “18-20 August 2014 was completely demolished by a unique piece of architecture of Moscow Art Nouveau – House Proshina, – said in a statement gradozaschitnikov. – For more than a decade, since the time of the demolition of “Voyentorg” in 2003, this is the biggest loss of Moscow’s “Silver Age».

 An organization called the deed “real crime against the country’s history and culture.” According gradozaschitnikov, it has become possible thanks to the developers and impunity “inability of city authorities to monitor the implementation of its own decisions».

 Public resonance of the incident and the scale of loss caused Moscow authorities to respond quickly to the incident: City Hall intends to sue the construction company. Deputy mayor for urban policy Marat Khusnullin said that he considers the demolition of houses Proshina as unprecedented audacity.

 “It’s chaos – said Khusnullin during an inspection of the city. – We are now preparing a lawsuit, the developer will be punished most severely. ” Deputy Mayor noted that a developer who planned to reconstruct the historical building and adapt it into a hotel, will be withdrawn urban development plan for the land.

 House Proshina, according to experts, represented an especially valuable piece of architecture, Art Nouveau. Its main facade was decorated with polychrome frieze depicting snowdrops sgraffito characteristic of the best buildings of European style “Art Nouveau” of the early twentieth century. He did not have analogues in the architecture of Moscow.


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