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In rolling out the “Newbie” with Meryl Streep and Jeff Bridges – Russian Newspaper

In the car on August 21 there was a new film directed by Phillip Noyce’s “Dedicated” (The Giver). This is – one of the most anticipated new films of the summer, film based on the popular novel fantasy. Starring Meryl Streep and Jeff Bridges. Besides them, the picture is Alexander Skarsgård, best known for “Melancholy”, and Katie Holmes.

“Dedicated” is not embedded in any number of blockbusters, nor a cohort of “child” movies, though marked 12 +. Absolutely adult philosophical movie, with referring to the Orwellian anti-utopia and other attempts to describe systematically, happy future.

In the faceless futuristic commune, very similar to modern offices, there are indifferent people. Every morning they – in their own family unit – injections, would deprive them of any sense, and, therefore, strong emotions. And they go live your same black-and-white life.

This is the case until one of the “corporate” – a meeting of the commune where conducted several ceremonies (the elderly are sent “to remove the” nine-year children blessed by growing up and etc.), suddenly do not emit one of the teenagers named Jonas. This occurs during the teenage ceremony, which we have in the old days would be called a “distribution” – to each according to his abilities and do the direct work in the sphere where he, according to clan commune, will be most useful. The words “thank you for your childhood” and electronic “envelope” with the direction of the profession “gives” the head of the elders of Meryl Streep. It appears as Snow White age: all in white, with long white hair, and as a projection. At first, it seems, the head of the elders neglected by the young Jonas, forgetting to tell everyone about his destiny. But then it turns out that he was appointed as the next “Host Memories”. And the next morning he was following the instructions ceases to inject and goes to a meeting with a man who is known as “The Giver.” In the film, this role is played by Jeff Bridges.

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Roman Lois Lowry’s “The Giver,” by which the film “Dedicated” was sold around the world circulation of more than ten million copies, is designed for school-age children, and written about them. In the book, which in the United States, without exaggeration, knows every student, the protagonist only 12 years old. In the film, the main characters – teenagers that significantly expands its audience. And the role of the “Host Memories”, which 17 years, invited 24-year-old Brenton Tueytes.

However, the fact it does not change. And it is that at one time, 20 years ago, to write a novel by Lois Lowry prompted personal experiences – the situation with his own father. He was getting old and did not remember a lot of things that could be very important for the new generations of their family. Lois herself was in the role of “Host”. And my father – “Giver.” That is why the writer is very kind to attempt to write the script for the film adaptation of the novel through suffering. Version of the famous theater playwright Michael Mitnick – fan of her book – arranged Lowry. This happened most likely because writer realized “vector” direction – not the main action in the film. And most importantly – the same feeling, without which man can not do.

When it comes to relations between the generations – the scene with the “Giver” Jeff Bridges and his daughter Rosemary (Taylor Swift), which was trying to “take the memories” but could not stand it, true and good. “Host” – the man is immersed in memories of what a sled, snow, Christmas, which for the first time sees the piano and treats it as a table, from which all will fall at your ease. He first saw the world as a color – and here is obvious brilliant camera work. Through this character the film makes the viewer look at many familiar things with new eyes. Feel them, to pass through itself. And this is the biggest value of the picture. For the most Jeff Bridges, who was also the producer of the project, the film is also associated with personal events – once he wanted to “Giver” played his father.

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Scenes with friends, and manifestations of first love will not leave anyone indifferent of teenagers – that’s for sure. Moreover, that the role of a girl who loved the main character, as he opens the ability to feel, selected a very attractive actress Oday Rush. Everything that happens between them, nice and clean, and even the youngest viewers seem naive. The only time in the room began to laugh – that is, when the young heroes talk about feelings.

Toward the end of the film, to the extent that, as the last boy-A student, who was elected and dedicated, discovering new things, action begins to resemble a fighter. Escape from the action failed, and the viewer is able to completely forget what was the beginning of the film – familiar to modern cinema tension begins to master them. But that’s not all. In the film, as if there is another genre – documentary. It is enabled when the “giver” is transferred to the memory of human sins, caused by strong feelings, and appear on the screen shots of the war. Or when showing very corny happy picture of the world: laughing children of different nationalities, for example. Phillip Noyce, who directed such films as “The Quiet American,” “Holy,” “Salt,” “Patriot Games”, could show love, death and war is not so plain, as he did in his memoirs “Giver”.

However, if you do not take account of these scenes, and switch to another. For example, to play Meryl Streep, which is not the first time plays the role of a cold, unfeeling woman boss. Worth listening to, as she says that if humanity to freedom of choice, it will make the wrong choice. Or that good intentions pave the road to hell – it’s all could be the slogan of the movie. Because those who are building a perfect world, as a rule, do not realize how many imperfect things they have to sacrifice, and what it means. Is it because the boy, who chose the profession “Host Memories” fairly warned that it would be very painful.


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