Sunday, August 17, 2014

In St. Petersburg, there area Strugatsky brothers (VIDEO) – A new newspaper in the Southern Federal

The names of the legendary St. Petersburg fiction perpetuated: the Moscow district of St. Petersburg area appeared Strugatsky brothers.

A decree signed recently acting governor of the northern capital, Georgy Poltavchenko. The Government has decided to name the area in honor of the brothers, as far lived Boris Strugatsky and hence went to Pulkovo Observatory, which has often appeared in works of science fiction. The area is located at the intersection of the Moscow Prospect, Frunze Street and Victory, however long it has existed without a name.

In addition, the Toponymy Commission Petersburg adopted a number of resolutions, so that in several parts of the Capital of Culture will “new” avenues. Thus, the names of writers Alexander Green and Vadim Shefner now immortalized in the vicinity of the Vasilievsky Island. And in Pushkin near St. Petersburg appeared Chudovskaya street Starorussky Avenue, Vavilov travel and some others. By decision of the Commission, Pulkovo highway again becomes Kiev.


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