Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Museum in Amsterdam refused to return Scythian gold in Crimea – BFM.Ru

Allard Pierson Museum is afraid of lawsuits from Russia and Ukraine. Therefore, “the decision not to take action»

Allard Pierson Museum in Amsterdam, where exposed to the Scythian gold museum in the Crimea, has decided not to transfer exhibits any of the parties competing for them – neither Ukraine nor Crimea. This is stated in the statement of the museum.

Scythian values ​​have become hostage to the political situation after the Crimea to Russia, are exhibited in the Museum Allard Pierson from February 7. The exhibition is called “Crimea: gold and mysteries of the Black Sea.” It includes a collection of five museums: one of Kiev and Crimea four. As has become a bone of contention exposure of about 500 items, including artifacts of Scythian gold (eg, weapons and jewelry).

The Russian side at the end of March to present a claim to a collection. Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands, as stated in Kiev in late June, confirmed the acceptance of all the exhibits of the state property of Ukraine. In Crimea, the statement found bluff.

The question of property collection, the museum said in a statement, “is both unique and challenging.” Dutch Museum conducted extensive legal expertise. “The result of this investigation did not allow Allard Pierson Museum to make choices and accept the demands of any one of the parties. This decision – and the subsequent transfer of the objects concerned – will almost certainly lead to a claim on the other hand, would create a significant risk to the Allard Pierson Museum, “- said in a statement.

For this reason, management of the museum” has decided on this not currently make decisions about which of the parties shall be transmitted disputed objects, “the report says. Museum announces its intention to implement the judgment of qualified judges, or an agreement between the parties to the dispute.


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