Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Museum in the Netherlands reserves the Scythian gold at before judgment – a REGNUM

21.08.2014 01:34

Crimean Scythian Gold Museum, which is now in the Netherlands, will remain in the Allard Pierson Museum before the court decision, which is to determine exactly who you want to return the exhibits. On this, as the correspondent of IA REGNUM , the report said Allard Pierson Museum.

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In addition, the museum is ready to return the gold to the conclusion of an agreement on its fate between Crimea and Ukraine. Earlier, as the message says, the museum has worked a special commission to study all contracts to provide exhibits, international law, and so on, but its members have not been able to decide on those who give gold. “Therefore, there is not a court or agreement of the parties is willing to keep the museum exhibits and ensure their complete safety,” – said in a statement.

IA REGNUM recalls that the exhibits were brought to Amsterdam museum of the Crimea, but due to recent events in Ukraine and Russia joining the peninsula to his treasure, often called Scythian gold, turned serious struggle.


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