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Organizer Kubana told about the hidden political problems that led to the closing of the festival – Interlocutor

Not far from Anapa recently launched a representative rock festival Kubana. In the sixth and last time. One of the most powerful Russian open-airs, which annually attracts teams of world top tier closed for political and economic reasons.

– We got to deal with failures of artists – confirmed the “interlocutor” founder and ideologist of “Cuba” Ilya Ostrovsky. – In the spring broke 7 or 8 teams, it is 15-20% of all groups. Often they do not argue their failures, but now is primarily due to security. Krasnodar region near the Crimea …

«Kuban”, or rather, personally Ilya Ostrovsky tired scandals. First Kuban Cossacks and some local deputies were eager to expel from the edge of the “nest of depravity” (although “Kuban” the atmosphere was well within the concert culture where people just relax). A year ago there was a scandal with the band Bloodhound Gang, bassist that before the arrival of the festival missed the Russian flag over his pants in Odessa. Under pressure from Moscow group on stage was not released.

– When you spend many years in the fight, it is exhausting – says Ilya. – But usually everything is under our control. And this year we are faced with a huge amount of economic and political issues. We are in a sense take an example from the western festivals, from Europe, from America. And now it is unfashionable and even reprehensible. Furthermore, there is such festivals initially come with a positive sign. Drunk people, bright people do not cause problems. And we have all this goes with a negative sign. And we must pay tribute to the leadership of the Krasnodar Territory have supported and support.

Governor Alexander Tkachev, oddly enough, did all these years favored “Kuban” and in recent years, we can say, going against the tide. But, as noted by Ostrovsky, “support regional authorities – a necessary but not sufficient condition».

Probably tightly thinking about the coincidence of the party line with a rock ‘n’ roll and in Samara. This year, the local authorities did not carry out “Rock over the Volga”, which became the largest in the Russian open-Eyre by number of viewers (in 2012 more than 300 thousand., According to the organizers). In musical circles joke that authorities still can not recover from last year’s set, the German band Rammstein.

As for “Cuba”, she predicted emigration. At issue is not thinking about whether Ilya Perevoz festival, for example, in Georgia, for example, “Kazantip”, he replied: “Theoretically it could be. “Kazantip” moved – and like normal feeling. But Kubana tight, emotionally, even the name is tied to the Krasnodar Territory. Therefore, it is not going to move ».

Among the festivals emigrants, in addition to” Kazantip “include traditional September” Jazz. Koktebel “. Ukrainian organizers moved it under Odessa, retaining the brand, and in the Crimea, in the same place will be held Koktebel Jazz Party. But if jazz from breeding only wins, western rock risk, as in Soviet times, we go into the category of junk music.

/ Kubana-2014

This year Kubana will be held from August 14 to 19 in the village of Veselovka. Among the participants – Russian bands “Mummy Troll”, “Naive”, “leg cramped!», Noize MC, Louna, «Northern Fleet” (former “King and the Clown”), British Babyshambles, Madness, Bring Me the Horizon, American KoRn, Less Than Jake, and Scooter from Germany, Moi dix Mois from Japan and others. Special guest – Valery Leontiev.


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