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Poltavchenko Tsoi not paint over – BBC

Graffiti with a portrait of Victor Tsoi, which drew in St. Petersburg on the anniversary of his death, the artists of the art group Hood Graff, will remain on the wall transformer substation – save the picture Choi asked himself acting governor of the city, Georgy Poltavchenko.

St. Petersburg authorities will not paint over graffiti with a portrait of Victor Tsoi, which drew artists from the art group Hood Graff at the transformer substation in the city center. Such order as said the spokesperson of the St Petersburg administration Andrei KIBIT gave interim governor of St. Petersburg Georgy Poltavchenko head of the Central District of Maria Shcherbakova.

Portrait Tsoi was painted on one of the courtyard between buildings home №8 street Rebellion (gymnasium and kindergarten №209) and home №5 on Mayakovsky Street by August 15, anniversary of the death of the musician. There were fears that the district authorities to paint over graffiti as any permission for the rally was not the artists.

«Paints the portrait of Choi will not” – said “the Newspaper” spokesman for the Central District of St. Petersburg Vera Urbanowicz.

However, she clarified that “negotiate something or paint” the administration and could not.

«The only thing we could – is to inform the owner of the building, that there is a portrait. And already the owner of the company “Lenenergo”, could make a decision “, – said Urbanowicz, adding that after a group of artists turned to Poltavchenko with a request to keep the portrait, and he gave instructions, graffiti will remain in place.

«I think that the request of our governor will be performed and” Lenenergo “portrait Tsoi not paint over”, – concluded Urbanowicz.

The official comment “Lenenergo” could not be obtained quickly, but I managed to learn ” the Newspaper “, the company also is not going to paint the wall transformer station.

« By all drawing should be painted over – told “” one of the officers “Lenenergo”. – This is the part of it seems worth the booth and it can draw whatever you want – in fact, in our technical documents prescribed absolutely all the requirements. ” According to the source, to what color should be painted object regulates Committee for Urban Planning and Architecture (CCA).

«We know that street artists love to paint our objects. More often – without permission. The city has to paint these works, otherwise this may ponarisovat …

But in this case – with Tsoi – at the request of the governor will be an exception. Paint the portrait will not be “, – assured the representative of” Lenenergo ».

The representative of the art group said” the Newspaper “that Hood Graff was created in Vitebsk ( Belarus) in October 2013; According to him, it is a social project aimed at upgrading of urban households. The basic structure of the art group – two artists and the project manager; there is a “separation” in Yaroslavl and Minsk. Create Petersburg Hood Graff – still under negotiation.

«To be on our team, it is necessary to draw a certain concept. Not all creative people will agree with it, “- said the source publication. In Moscow, he said, they are in no hurry. “Maybe even without dispense” – he concluded.

Viktor Tsoi became the thirteenth group work (subject to Vitebsk, where they were drawn images of Marilyn Monroe, Eminem, Steve Jobs and other famous persons ) and the second – in St. Petersburg. The first work was a portrait of the founder of the magazine «Playboy» Hugh Hefner – the Haymarket area, Building 5; members of the group considered it a social character who “changed the world for the better».

In St. Petersburg related to Victor Tsoi quite anxious – his countryman Petrograders appreciate and cherish the memory of it.

So, news of his death August 15, 1990 was met with spontaneous march on Nevsky Prospect. Now in the boiler room “Kamchatka”, where the musician worked as a fireman, has a small museum dedicated to him. Moscow is the only site dedicated to the leader of the group “Cinema” – a memorial wall at the corner of Arbat and Krivoarbatsky lane, scribbled graffiti. The Moscow authorities have tried several times to repair the building (it takes military prosecutor’s office) and the paint line, but under pressure from the public changed their plans. Recent attempts to do so were made under the current mayor, Sergei Sobyanin, but from the machine Mayor citizens were assured that in the near future monument to the people’s love for Viktor Tsoi will not be eliminated.

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