Thursday, August 14, 2014

Premieres of the week: “The Expendables 3″ Sylvester Stallone “On the crest” – Samara Progorod

Thursday – the day of film premieres and portal traditionally writes about several bright films, but also represents an opportunity to watch trailers and descriptions of other emerging rental tapes.

The first loud premiere – “The Expendables 3 “Sylvester Stallone, Mel Gibson, Harrison Ford, Jason Statham and other stars. Here in the old way – this thriller in the style of the nineties.

The film has managed to stand out scandal, as a few weeks before the premiere, leaked to the network. However, we offer go to the movies, to support the old man Stallone. Another interesting premiere – Australian film “The crest”, which tells of two brothers surfers, one of whom wants to be on a criminal path.

The Expendables 3

Barney, Christmas and other team members agree face to face with Conrad Stounbenksom, many years ago founded with Barney team “The Expendables.” Subsequently Stounbenks becomes a ruthless arms dealer and thus transformed into a man who was ordered to kill Barney. Or at least he thought so. Now Stounbenks once already managed to cheat death, set a goal to do away with “The Expendables” – but Barney on this account their plans. Barney decides that in his struggle “fresh” approach can be contrasted with the old methods, and join the ranks of people who are younger, faster and more technologically savvy. So the members of the team “The Expendables” a new era begins. The last mission turns into a clash between the classic old-school and high-tech experts.

On the crest of

The film is developed in Australia 70. The main characters – brothers Fisher. Andy and Jimmy most of all love to ride the wave a little more. When the Fishers were small, their mother moved from Sydney to a small coastal town of Margaret River, famous for its surf. For 12 years, the boys developed their ability serfboards in search of the perfect wave. But despite his talent, freedom Jimmy tries to help the family get out of debt and begin to slide into the criminal world. Then Andy makes an important decision. He quits his job and help his younger brother to start a business selling surf gear.

Instructions not included

The life of a playboy Acapulco changes dramatically when his doorstep he was handed a nursing infant with words – “It’s your daughter.” Six years it took him to find the girl’s mother, he was looking for from Mexico City to Los Angeles. To feed himself and his newfound daughter, he settled in Hollywood and became a leading stuntman. But when on the eve of the birthday girl on the threshold of his house there is a real mother Maggie, he suddenly realizes that he could lose his best friend, they began with a girl for six years.

The mystery of the four princesses

In a certain kingdom, in a certain country there lived a cheerful and kind tailor named Hans. He was young and not very rich, or rather almost poor, and the inhabitants of the kingdom-state called him Hans Tailor. By the will of fate, he is in the palace of the king, who instructs Hans solve the mystery of his daughters – young princesses who every night somewhere disappear. Meanwhile, in another realm Gurunda queen decided to marry their princes, the sons of the daughters of the fabulously wealthy neighboring kings. But the trouble is that the children themselves have chosen a bride. Refusal to obey sons aroused Gurundy rage. It is in the hearts curse them and turns into ravens, leaving them with only a few hours to stay in human form – from midnight to three in the morning.


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