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Robin Williams could commit suicide because of money – TVNZ

The world continues to discuss the sudden death of pet viewers – American actor Robin Williams. Recall that the 63-year-old actor was found dead Aug. 11 in his home in the town of Tiburon, California.

According to preliminary investigation Williams killed himself. The coroner said the cause of death is likely to become asphyxia, ie strangulation. On this hand Robin Williams were found cuts and near the body, police found a penknife.

Why would seem so cheerful, bright and smiling at people Robin killed himself? Psychiatrists blame the depression, which the actor had suffered for many years. As it turned out, he was treated for alcohol and drug abuse, and on the eve of the tragedy was the next course of therapy. Doctors suspect that Williams could kill “syndrome sad clown” – the so-called “masked depression.” Meanwhile, there is another, more mundane version of what happened.

A close friend of the actor believes that he could commit suicide due to financial problems. It turns out that one of the most famous Hollywood actors were serious problems with the fees …

– All that he could speak, were in serious financial difficulties. During a call, he was aloof, – told a friend of Robin in an interview with Radar Online.

Artist was known for his generosity – always gave gifts to family and friends, trying to help anyone who needed it. Financial difficulties could break it.

In addition, Williams he also admitted that he was forced to act in films objectionable to him because of the money. In this case, before he died, he managed to play in four films.

At Williams left three adult children: a son Zachary from a previous marriage, daughter Zelda and little brother – Cody – from the second.

Condolences brought in, including Barack Obama, President of the United States. “He shared his talent with anyone who needed it,” – said in a statement the White House. On the death of pet viewers spoke and other well-known figures and stars.

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 Robin Williams was born July 21, 1951 in Chicago. His father, Robert Fitzgerald Williams, was one of the leaders of Ford Motors, his mother, Lori Williams – a former model. After high school, he studied political science at Claremont College and later enrolled at the prestigious Juilliard School of Drama.

 As Variety comedian caused quite a stir in the 70s. Since the early 80s active in films. Thrice nominated for “Oscar”, who received in 1998 for “Good Will Hunting.” Five-time winner of the “Golden Globe”.

 Entertainment Weekly magazine named him the most ridiculous of living actors. Robin also entered the list of the 50 greatest movie stars of all time.

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