Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Robin Williams was found with a belt around his neck and cuts on his hand – Fontanka

 Police confirmed the information about the suicide of American actor Robin Williams: he hanged himself in his own house.

 Source: Wikipedia
Source: Wikipedia

 It is reported that after the forensic police confirmed the data that caused the death of Robin Williams was suicide. It became known that he was found with a belt around his neck. Moreover, the actor arm were found few cuts.

 The death of a famous actor and comedian shocked the world – his family, friends and fans. Robin Williams tragically died on the 64-year life. As told Personal Biography Williams, in recent years, comedian struggled with severe depression. Star of the Oscar-winning actor on the “Walk of Fame” in Hollywood is dotted with flowers and notes. In these people write thankyou Robin Williams for his talent and for many smiles he gave to the world. Many colleagues Williams still can not believe that he died.

  So, the film director Steven Spielberg wrote that “Robin was a lightning discharge of humor and his brilliant comic potential, he drew from the thunder of our laughter. He was a friend, and I can not believe he’s gone ».

 Condolences to the family of the actor expressed by many celebrities, including, and President Barack Obama.

 Fame Robin Williams brought roles in “August Rush”, “What Dreams May Come”, “Patch Adams”, “Mrs. Doubtfire”, “Jumanji” and many others.

 Actor Robin Williams has been married three times and has three children. In his last tweet July 31, 2014, he congratulated daughter Zelda on his birthday:

  «Happy Birthday, Miss Zelda Williams. Today you quarter of a century, but for me you will always remain a baby, “- wrote the comic, published a photograph of her.



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