Thursday, August 21, 2014

Second “Sin City” is different from the first participation of Eva Green – Bulletin

It’s like the same film, in which just pasted a couple of new episodes. In Sin Sity 2 is subtitled: « A woman is worth killing for the sake of» ( A Dame to Kill For). Her fatal and predatory, plays Eva Green. Green eyes, red lips, violet dress ?? graphically on black and white background, it looks dazzling. As dazzling and the actress herself. Evil Becomes Her, especially in the comic book adaptation of Frank Miller ( Green recently played a major role in the continuation of the negative « 300, »).

But this is just one more decoration, bright detail added to the familiar picture that nine years ago seemed ( Yes, and was) revolutionary. Live actors obey the laws drawn on paper gloomy stories by Frank Miller. Ultranasilie united with the convention Pictures-negatives ?? even blood abundantly poured screen was white. Now everything is exactly the same. As if the first « Sin City” was filmed yesterday and we offer an extended director’s cut.

Those a sharp angle, heroic poses, avaricious dialogues voiceover hero-narrator, slanting rain in endless night and the occasional addition of color. Even the plot, habitually spilled a few stories, as if slicing the same circles. Even honest cop Hartigan ( Bruce Willis), the first film to put a bullet in the head, appears again, even in the visions of the rescued his girl Nancy ( Jessica Alba), which all have a dance in the tenderloin Sin City and dreams of revenge Senator Roark ( Powers Boothe), who sits in the same institution at the card table.

Just « Sin City “can not die. You can only change the face like Dwight, whose first film, played by Clive Owen, and now plays Josh Brolin, and it even has a plot explanation, but it does not matter. As not important to know that three of the four subjects of the second film ?? history of those that are told in the first, and one, on the contrary, continued. This underlines that the time « Sin City” stands on the site. Not because there is always the 1940s, from which Frank Miller was drawing a branch of urban hell. So, what in the hell no, and there is no death, too.

All already happened and can now only be repeated in different combinations. Again will get drunk and kill a terrible Marv ( Mickey Rourke) ?? and do not remember what happened yesterday. Dwight will be going back to the Old Town to his girlfriend Gail Battle ( Rosario Dawson) and her posse of prostitutes warriors, as if he had just escaped with sadomazovecherinki and dressed to the delight of fetishist.

In fact, the first « Sin City” was not so much a film as a set of fetish objects and images, only if this was the radicalism and novelty, and now everything is familiar and habitual. But fetishism and does not require the development of plot and style, you need only variations, and here « Sin City ?? 2 “is quite capable of meeting the expectations of the fans. After all, it seems to be the case when the panties important priests, which put on. But it is in the figurative sense. And literally on the priests here, of course, complain about sin.

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