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Sin in the color – BBC

In rolling out “Sin City 2: A woman, for which there is a kill” – nine years after the success of “Sin City” by Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller’s new movie filmed on the comics last, Eva Green played the title role in it, and one of the producers was Alexander Rodnyanskii.

In the night when ex-cop John Hartigan (Bruce Willis) out of jail and trouble sought rescued them eight years ago Nancy Callahan (Jessica Alba), the burglar with a big heart Marv (Mickey Rourke) got drunk and woke up surrounded by corpses. Now he’s trying to remember how it happened. In another story the young gambler Johnny (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) plays most of Senator Roark (Powers Boothe), and that in response insolent guy breaks all five fingers “happy” right hand and picks up the win. The boy is not appeased. Somewhere between these events gloomy photographer Dwight McCarthy (Josh Brolin) meets a woman (Eva Green), who once broke his heart, and told myself not to give in to her tricks.

woman’s name is Ava, she has blue eyes, he is, of course, lends itself to.

Meanwhile, Nancy can not forgive Hartiganu his suicide (remember the first film). She goes crazy and combined with Marv to avenge Roarke.

Like “Sin City” in 2005, the new kinokomiks broken down into short stories, separated in time,

but if there is a need to establish the chronology of the whole, it is better to turn to the sources.

only and it is not enough – the story of Johnny’s authors wrote specifically for the screen.

In fact, the order is not important – important gallery Sin City inhabitants: they cut out of paper and handed out a nice artists.

Christopher Lloyd opens the door as a surgeon-alcoholic to pull out of the nice guy shot in exchange for all the money and shoes. Lady Gaga pours the poor man a glass of water. Wondrous Julia Garner distracts the bad guys on the situation at the card table. Juno Temple asks Ray Liotta handcuffs chained her to the bed. Rosario Dawson claims the one who gave it up for the sake of mental anguish.

In this approach, any changes in perceived pain. If you do not know in advance what Miho, ruthless Japanese girl with a deadly sword, plays Devon Aoki, the sudden discovery becomes a cause for sadness; Aoki took the place of origin of the Korean American Jamie Chung from “Sucker Punch».

What of Josh Brolin by breaking facial bones and subsequent plastic surgery can turn Clive Owen, so implausible that the filmmakers do not even try to pretend that this is possible.

If anyone remembers, the hero of Owen in “Sin City” was also named Dwight McCarthy.

voiced such claims – to sign that you’re a bore, of those that did not let up in the comments to the trailers and litter the social network. Nine years have passed someone and could not go back: star of “Green Mile” Michael Clarke Duncan died in 2012 and did not play Manute, an African American with pudovymi fists – almost equivalent to the hero Rourke and as invulnerable. Inferior to whether the late Dennis Heysbert, star of TV series “Unit”? Maybe, but has a confident and looks good, and this is the main noir.

After being the best does not mean anything.

Own mandatory Rodriguez and Miller program work out confidently: furious monologues gloomy characters, cynical recognition of the femme fatale, a gambler with a crippled right sits down, takes the deck to the left and said: “By the way, I ambidexterity».

What’s antics for some, for others – birthday of the heart. Noir cliches again brought to the point of absurdity, and are lined with black, white and red.

Plus Yellow – as a reminder of the vile dwarf. Plus green eyes and blue – cape heroine Eva Green than not Mary Poppins in the dark?

It destructive beam of light in this dark realm, and it is also his curse. Many good here, but Green did not replay the rest – it is the only perfect in this grotesque madness, deliberately cardboard, exaggeratedly grim environment. She does not play, and settles on black pages, which fly the white arrows and which bloom white blood blots. Just appeared, she turns her absence a problem. What damage to the film. Can I ask for anything more?


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