Saturday, August 16, 2014

“Son” – essentially auteur cinema. About triumpher festival in Vyborg – Official web-site of radio Vesti FM

Normal 0 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 In Vyborg ended 22th Festival of Russian Cinema “Window on
 Europe. “Main prize of the prestigious jury Igor Tolstunov headed
 got a low-budget picture Arseny Gonchukova “Son”, based on the director’s own money. The details
 - Cultural commentator radio “Vesti FM” Anton Valleys .

 Vyborg makes many traditional skepticism: not only Cannes or
 Berlin, but not even Sochi. However, the fact remains that interesting movies
 Russia produced every year more than one festival competition.
 Proof of this – the main result of the show of Vyborg, in many respects,

The main
 Jury Prize, which was headed by producer Igor Tolstunov, get movies Arseny
 Gonchukova “Son”. You are probably about it have not heard. Well, more
 hear, and now for this – the most opportune moment. Firstly, the “Son”
 - Surprisingly whole and conceptual film for Russia, a traditional country
 trade-offs, where directors and producers all the time, and eager to please the audience,
 and critics, and festivals, and colleagues, and the Film Fund with the Ministry of Culture and
 ultimately remain sweet only to themselves. Here – no
 compromises. Stringy, but at the same time, and absorbing black-and-white
 dramatic film – a psychological portrait of taciturn young
 a person who is caring for a seriously ill mother and is willing to do anything to
 In order to put her on her feet – that seems to be no longer possible, but true
 loving son, it does not matter. Love, however, the film skillfully balanced by sadness,
 existential anxiety, do not leave any viewer nor the hero until
 tragic outcome.

In general,
 typology is quite European cinema, but recognizable domestic
 material. Rare bird. But it is only in the first place. Secondly, which in this
 case is no less important – the film is almost a guerrilla method
 out statements in various official instances and familiar to many of flattery
 to sponsors and producers. Gonchukov long shooting a film – it’s not
 his first film, although it is possible to foresee that his career will now be
 count it with the “Son” – for my money and the money of friends. For
 cheaply or for free – but the way he feels right. That is, the
 before us in the present director, essentially the author’s cinema, and whether
 it is even a hundred times more stupid and helpless, still would deserve admiration.

 probably can not and should not become a universal model – independent
 directors also have something to eat – but able to serve
 Universal vaccination against opportunism, striving to please someone who
 suffer so many newcomers. Be honest, and to reach for you – including,
 wide audience. No wonder the prize “Son” gave it Tolstunov -
 producer, known for many blockbusters.


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