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“The Expendables 3″ in “Empire of Dreams”: Mel Gibson in the role of villain and rejuvenated Harrison Ford –

August 14 in the cinema, “Empire of Dreams” Premieres Sylvester Stallone’s “The Expendables 3.” This event, fans of the first two parts of the militants waited two years. Millions fees then proved that the old people in Hollywood can still outdo young actors. Now it’s the third part. And that’s what happened.

What movie?

The team “uncontrollable” again to enforce the law. Again, they are struggling with the wicked. But this time, this villain – weapons magnate, selling vacuum bomb – has their former colleague, who stood at the origins of “The Expendables” – Conrad Stounbenks. Led the team Barney (Sylvester Stallone) has to fight with him, and in the first fight he defeated. And his fellow soldiers just do not die. Then the old man Barney decides to disband the team and score young fighters. Now they have to compete head-to-head with the villain, save the team and the world.

About the actors

In the third part of the film “The Expendables” cast again surpasses the number of well-known fighters. Sylvester Stallone’s team continues to delight us with new tricks. The actor made not only a writer, but also continued his excellent style of Rambo in the film world. It is in this he is remembered fans militants 80-90-s

Pleased return Wesley Snipes in a great movie. Blade (namely on the vampire action movie, you may be familiar with this dark-skinned athlete – Ed.), All as gloomy and taciturn.

Severe Terminator – Arnold Schwarzenegger – although in the film and plays the main role, holding brand of militant daredevils.

Trinity friends: Jason Staten, Dolph Lundgren, Jet Li look on the bench, but give the film a few scenes of the most successful action.

Of all the actors want to be singled out three masters who pulled the film to a new level.

The first – Antonio Banderas, who plays the impulsive Spaniard loser. It is he who becomes the soul of the company. Although it is clear that some of the tricks he performed not by himself. A sense of humor in his performance simply inimitable. Immediately reminded of his voice in the animated film “Shrek».

second – Harrison Ford, which brings us back to the period of the “Star Wars” by their appearance. Although his participation in the film no less scandalous. Instead, it had to be removed Bruce Willis. But he wrung too high fee and the transaction did not take place.

And finally, the main villain of the picture – Mel Gibson. That’s what really turned the glory! He just surpassed the previous characters, including Jean-Claude Van Damme.

With this cast, young team of “The Expendables” is simply lost. But let’s hope that in the fourth part they are given a chance to win. Most caught Ronda Rousay – female bouncer. By the way, in its place was to be Milla Jovovich, but she refused at the last moment.

As a result?

Do not wait for “The Expendables” which -That incredible. This is a film legend, filmed in the best tradition of Hollywood action movies and video games of the late 80′s. Especially with music by Brian Tyler, who has kept her motives in the second part. Overall, I want to put 8 of the possible 10 With a little postscript: let the next time still think about the good graphics.

By the way, three weeks before the premiere of the film was due a number of major scandals. In particular, when the picture was in good quality on the Internet, even before the official start of the show. Its time to see about 3 million people. Now the company, which was engaged in shooting, going to sue each user who downloaded it.

have an opinion!

«Childishly good! »

– Of course, compared to the first two films, the film loses in serious dialogue, action scenes, – said Vasily Vostrukhin visitor cinema” Empire of Dreams. ” – But let’s not forget that “The Expendables” was created, as a reminder of the best action movies 80-90′s. I think many have already become boring VFX. I want to remember the period Rambo and Terminator, when a picture was much more than 3D. If you all remember, my advice to you – go carefully. Do not hesitate.

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