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The film “Victor” with Gerard Depardieu has opened a competition of feature films in Vyborg – Russian Newspaper

You can say that the 22nd Russian Film Festival “Window to Europe” in Vyborg two faces – Tatiana Samoilova and Gerard Depardieu.

Gentle, easy to look young kosinkoy Samoylovoy meets on the festival posters throughout the city. If Samoilov recalls the glorious past of the movie thaw pores, then the image of Gerard Depardieu promises, apparently, his bright future. The film “Victor”, where he played the title role, opened a new contest “Game movies. Co-production” (not participating in it). And in the alley opposite the cinema stars “Vyborg Palace” immediately after the star patterned Samoylovoy name should appear imprint left hand Depardieu. “The left – from the heart” – shouted from the audience “Vyborg Palace”, on which stage the legendary Frenchman decides which hand imprinted in the concrete. Actor, holding his left arm, said: “God has given me to love Russia, so let it be the hand of God.” In general, paraphrasing the famous phrase of Diego Maradona.

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However, the bright future of Russian cinema and co-production, in particular, it is better not to judge the film “Victor” (directed by Philippe Martinez). It is clear that Gerard Depardieu as Jupiter can afford much. Even the play, to put it mildly, not a brilliant opus international commercial purposes. Box office this Franco-Russian co-production must ensure Depardieu and Elizabeth Hurley as combat girlfriend. They occur after the return of the hero of the French prison in Moscow, namely in “Metropolis” by soulful singing “Eyes black …”, and in the epilogue, with tears in his eyes look as grandson of the hero rescued seven years incendiary lezginka dancing on stage in Grozny. In between these two moving scenes will be many chases, dinners at expensive restaurants, and views of the Kremlin from the Moskva River and the Grozny-City from a helicopter … For Victoria Depardieu hunts Moscow police, demanding the return of inadvertently stolen painting of the Moscow Museum of Modern Art. I confess here for the first time I was very interested, but the picture did not show foresight, and even the author did not mention … The hero himself in the company of Suleiman (caring dance teacher and part-time sharp shooter and a reliable friend of the French gangster) in turn hunts for killers son. Finally, Moscow and “bad” guys, when they are really quite plain text explained that it seams begin to move, too. Final (not the movie, but gangster saga) perfect: Victor in the eared rye comes with a shotgun for the villain (all black, of course) and shoots him in the path field. Like a sort of Selyanovich Mikula, a gift that the Frenchman deals with urban upstart, even from the Urals.

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Judging by the fact that the director Philippe Martinez, more than ten years to gain experience in Hollywood, at a press conference suddenly remembered the movie “Once in America …” Laura Sergio Leone disturbed his imagination. About Films Alexei Balabanov he seems unaware. Large space for a man bravely starts on the Russian theme. Unlike Martinez Gerard Depardieu at the press conference appealed more to Alexander Dumas’ The Count of Monte Cristo “and argued that it is only the genre cinema, but not about the specifics of Russia. “The country’s image does not suffer,” – said the actor. And he is absolutely right. Things have happened and more dangerous for the image than cranberries on the silver screen.

I must say, with the opening film that co-production that the main contest “Fall premieres” Vyborg this year is not very lucky. “Victor” by Philippe Martinez opened the window is not in Europe, not in Russia, but rather much in international film production class B. As for the film “Boys” Renata Davletyarova that started the festival, it was supposed to open the door at the same time in the Soviet 70 th and adolescence those from forty to fifty-five. The basis – the script Yuri Korotkov, in which one has already been made film – on the decline of the 1990s Dmitry Meskhiev directed the film “American”. The rights to the script had already been bought by Renat Davletyarova, and that fifteen years later, he decided to shoot a new version of the same story. The question of “RG”, were there any special reason to return to this subject right now, the director said that one reason – a scenario that he loves. And, of course, its commercial potential.

In contrast to the situation of a remake, when the new film exploits the love of spectators to the old film, here the director did his best to distance himself from the previous version. Even the name was changed: instead of “American” now “Boys.” And if we look for the star targets, it is certainly not an old movie Dinars Assanova, and then it “Amarcord” Fellini with his sensuality, grotesque, rough carnal humor. Davletyarov clearly trying to achieve the same mixed doubles – mixing teen sensuality and boyish inexperience, poor prose and childlike love, facing death and brutal man’s world. And do not say that it was not possible.

Another thing is that for some reason, we, like the old joke that no matter collected goes Kalashnikov rifle. How of “a hundred pounds of love,” or rather, a hundred pounds of teenage sex talk came Fairytale on “Back in the USSR”, a separate issue. It’s not even the fact that the riders of “Elusive Avengers”, getting off the TV screens of old, come to the rescue in a fight with the township. And is not that the performances of the provincial rock guitarists with lamps on the trouser legs are mixed with sweet songs, for example, about how one day, one day a girl bride king from afar brought into the kingdom, and that, of course, ran to the shepherdess, like a real hippie . Writer Yuri Korotkov once wrote a story about youth, framed conventional happy ending, and built like a lyrical memory. In this tale all its from wino Mitki to police officers, who lives right there in the yard playing with the men of dominoes and drinking beer; from the “rail”, which can be united against the “settlement” to a funny teacher, class is building a demonstration … The plot is related to the fact that in this cozy space bursts death. Real. And this is the real basis of the script.

In the movie “Boys” accents involuntarily displaced. Before us is above all a story about growing up teenager. And instead of the arrangements – “commissars in dusty helmets”, a portrait of Dzerzhinsky, from which cross hedged frightened old woman, and a statue of Lenin, pointing in the direction of the big fights. In short, a mixture of thaw 60s with touching Sotsart 1970 as a decoration. That is to say, a light version of the past for mass consumption. Retro, you know, in fashion. Nothing personal, just a rebranding – history and script.


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