Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The second song, “Corrosion of Metal” as extremist – Lenta.ru

The October Tomsk district court recognized the song “Niger” rock band “Corrosion” extremist material, according to its website Prosecutor General’s Office. A similar decision was made on the song Zig Heil rock band SkinHead Generation.

«It is established that in the lyrics contain direct calls for violence against blacks, the description of violence against them and statements aimed at excited feelings of hatred and hostility towards persons not Caucasoid nationalities “- said the Prosecutor General’s Office.

To substantiate a claim the prosecutor pointed out that the proliferation of these compositions, including the Internet, carried out in defiance of the Russian Constitution.

Currently, the two songs are included in the federal list of extremist materials of the Ministry of Justice of Russia.

In the song “Niger”, a recording which openly published on many web sites, the band members sing about ” three skinheads from the basement “who attacked a native of Zanzibar and threatened him with violence. Composition Zig Heil same aggressive urges listeners to beat other nationalities.

Creativity “Corrosion of Metal” is not the first time the prosecution falls under consideration. In May 2013 was recognized extremist song “Beat the devils.” Product is also made to the appropriate federal list.


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