Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The secret to winning on the Russians “Mrs. World” – Dni.Ru

Julia Ioannina. Photo: vk.com/juliaionina

A spokeswoman for Russian 29-year-old Julia Ionina she won the prestigious beauty contest “Mrs. World 2014.” In the web roam variety of comments as to what is the secret of success of our compatriots: someone says that the young woman won because of its beauty and intelligence, and some argue that the competition simply bought.

On the eve of August 10, late in the evening it was reported that the mother of three children, Russian Julia Ionina became the best in the competition “Mrs. World 2014″, beating 39 other participants. “I’m very glad it worked out. This is a great achievement for me, and, in general, for participants from Russia” , – said in an interview happy Ionina.

On the Internet against the backdrop of universal joy and pride for the country people have tried to uncover the secret of success of our compatriots. Most agreed that Julia Ionina was, quite naturally, the most beautiful, intelligent, interesting and memorable woman of all (and only about her beautiful eyes generally speaks literally every second).

However, there were also those who doubted the honesty wins the Russians. Everyone knows that beauty contests are often disburse and become victorious girl with a “hairy paw” or a lot of money. So this time some commentators have said bluntly that the Ionina bought victory , because it directs the charitable foundation, is a successful entrepreneur and get a second degree in the specialty “Jurisprudence”.

So Anyway, she was incredibly happy Julia Ionina victory and said that the competition, which, incidentally, took place in Ecuador, attitude towards it was “better than good” . Note that the competition “Mrs. World” has gone on for several days. On the first day participants defiled in their national costumes. Julia Ionina presented the country in a sundress and a headdress.

In the second day of his stay in Ecuador contestants had an excursion to the military part of the city of Riobamba. Later they attended a concert prepared by the soldiers, and there was a parade on the tanks. The next day, the organizers were lucky representatives of different countries on the Pacific coast. Stunning views of Ecuador delighted all the girls. Against this background, and the series was held for several magazines.

Julia Ionina chose a dress in the color of the Russian flag, which is produced by your own design specifically for the contest. “I am honored to represent Latin America our country. And especially I am pleased that in Ecuador meet our compatriots especially warm and with great respect for our country! ” – quoted Ionina Metro.

On the last day before the final of the contest organizers were fortunate group of beauties in the second largest city in Ecuador, Guayaquil. “The nature, history and life of inhabitants of the country told the girls in a large national park, which is home to exotic animals and birds, nature recreated the Amazon jungle and is of great historical museum,” – said pr-manager Julia Jonas Olga Filatova. Then passed the defile at the opening of the largest shopping complex in Ecuador, where they had been invited well-known people in the country, the best designers and television.


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