Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Today, there have been reports that Ramzan Kadyrov lost my phone – Radio Echo of Moscow

Human rights activists argue that because of this, more than a thousand residents of Chechnya had a sleepless night.

Phone lost in the Shali district, during a holiday on the occasion of the opening of the ethnographic museum complex Shira-Yurt, stylized ancient Chechen village. It happened on Saturday, but the publicity unpleasant incident received only today. Before the event security Kadyrov carefully searched the guests and trucks could not park closer than a kilometer to the venue of the festival, – the Caucasian Knot with reference to the Human Rights Centre Memorial. By the end of the event the phone is gone. On this holiday guests announced over the loudspeaker. Then began to interrogate the present, did not see anyone lost phone. Polls have failed – said in a special message of human rights defenders. After the guests went home, heads of administrations began to ring responsible for carrying out the feast and find out the names of all the participants and guests. On Saturday night, police and local authorities called and interviewed more than a thousand people, among whom were minors. People were asked whether they were at the event, where it stood, did not find any phone or other unattended object. Most of them were able to return home only in the morning – note the Memorial.

They found whether as a result of operational actions phone is unknown. Just press secretary Alvi Karimov said Kadyrov, head of Chechnya that actually had nothing to lose, and both the phone on his desk.


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