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“We have no plans to build a studio Sakhalin” – Proceedings

« We have no plans to build a studio Sakhalin »

Alex Agranovich. Photo: Lime / Pavel Baranov

August 22 in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk starting t International Festival “The Edge of the World” – one of the most ambitious Russian film festivals. For the third consecutive year, it makes the team, previously responsible for the successful metropolitan Festival 2 in 1. correspondent of “Izvestia” discussed with the general producer Alex Agranovich that is new this year and what a festival should develop beyond just film festivals.

– How to “Sakhalin screen” was the “end of the world»?

– In short, the history of the festival is as follows. The first time he did not have Ilinichna Alla Surikov in 2011. It was a festival audience (without a jury) only national cinema and was called “Sakhalin screen.” The second festival has made our team, but as we were invited to just two months before the start, the whole concept we formulated on the go. Then, our first priority was to build a strong (now international) program and invite a representative jury. Among them was a well-known film critic Cyril Razlogov, who suggested a new name – “Edge of the World” – which eventually stuck. Here and geographical aspect, and quite cinematic – under the “end of the world” is meant that the subtlest, invisible eye of the boundary that separates the world of the screen and the front of the screen.

– Why did you decide to work in the international format?

– for several reasons. Sakhalin, of course, is part of Russia, but to these places due to the remoteness of the island and the situation is characterized by a very contemplative attitude to the information received by the federal television from the European part. We decided to bring here the best pictures from around the world to reduce this maximum distance, make the region a part of the cultural process.

At the same time, Sakhalin is in direct proximity to the powerful culturally East Asian countries and it can not be ignored. If only because that about 7% of the total population of the island are Koreans living here since the days of Japanese rule over the territory.

«Edge of the World” to enter the Sakhalin regional accent. Alex Medvedev (program director. – “News”) selects for competitive and non-competitive programs, a lot of Asian paintings, and, accordingly, comes a lot of visitors from these countries. This year we introduce passing the honorary title of Ambassador of the festival, and the first to receive the credentials to become a famous Korean actress, winner of the prize of the Venice Film Festival Moon Over Rea. We hope that it will be our man in Korea and will present the festival at the prestigious film festival in Busan.

– Launched last year amateur kinomasterskaya “Caucasian-Asian” will continue its work?

– Yes, of course. In the wake of last year’s success, we even decided to make it permanent, year-round institution and began to bring bimonthly professionals with weekly rates. At this festival, master classes will hold director Alexander Sokurov, film editor Ivan Lebedev, screenwriter Luba Mulmenko and last year’s winner, Japanese director Rёta Nakano.

Now in Sakhalin underway Julia Levitsky (curator of the workshop) with his group, along with local enthusiasts takes a 40-minute mystical film “Last” travelogue of our contemporary world in the Ainu indigenous people of the island. By the opening of the festival, they have to finish the shooting period and mount the teaser.

All this we are doing not only the love of art. Sakhalin – a unique natural complex, and very promising area for filming. In the first place, of course, to neighboring countries. But for this you need to create at least a minimal infrastructure and assemble a team of professionals.

– This year, you open more and “Architectural Workshop».

– Fourth “Edge of the World” in general will have a significant architectural accent – and in terms of movies, including (to be special program “Architecture and Cinema”). Workshop itself came almost by accident. I have a lot of detail and told friends about the festival and Sakhalin. One of my students turned architect and teacher MARCHI Pavel Andreev, who suggested the idea – give their thesis students, the theme of “Sakhalin».

In early autumn, we had the students met with Governor Alexander V. Khoroshavin when he was in Moscow. Then, in November, they flew to the island, everything looked and June defended eight projects on various sites of the island – from the reconstruction of the Sakhalin State University to a technology park near the airport. All of them will be showcased in the exhibition “Inhabited Island: The territory and the people” at the festival.

A central event of the workshop will be a workshop “Gagarin Park: Do It Yourself.” Park of Culture and Recreation. YA Gagarin is going through hard times, and recalls the Moscow Gorky Park in the late 1990s. We’ll bring specialists of the Institute “Arrow”, which will hold a series of public training workshops, and then wanting to be divided into three teams, each during the festival make its reconstruction project and present to the public discussion.

– So, gradually the actual film festival pales into insignificance?

– Our festival is fully funded by the Government of the Sakhalin region. For Governor Alexander Horoshavina for us – it is primarily a social project. It is obvious that the festival can not bring money. Consequently, should benefit.

Here, in Sakhalin, people have a very strong sense of the residence time on this earth, save, perhaps, the post-war era, when traveling here from across the country to raise the region . Despite the very strong economic performance and high quality of life, people tend to leave here – sometimes simply because of the stereotype that success is possible only in Moscow or other big city.

We are trying not only to acquaint Sakhalin with the best films, but also to try to generate new meanings of life here. All our projects (shops in the first place) are designed to give impetus to self-development, to overcome the traditional self-doubt and desire to change the life around him.

– In Russia there was a series of cultural projects interventions in regions with varying degrees of success. You relied on the experience of others?

– I think that in most cases the capital “invaders” could not overcome the barrier of misunderstanding between the place (the society, culture, history) and introduced by innovations. Probably, before saying: “We are here to make you an Bilbao”, one must ask whether the locals know about Bilbao and whether they want it at?

We all go gradually, without megalomania, manifestos, and sudden movements. Each step is consistent with the local leadership. Our goal – to assimilate and take root in this soil. And in the future – completely shift all the projects on the shoulders of local passionaries.

When this happens, we calculate its mission accomplished and leave. We have no desire to sit on the budget, and to take control of the Sakhalin studio or reconstruct Gagarin Park. Something to help – yes, but it must be the work themselves Sakhalin. We already know a lot of great people and professionals that are closely cooperating – local film distributor Yan’shin Denis, Minister of Culture Irina Gonyukova and others. Others are willing to work with energy and a sufficient amount of knowledge and skills, could follow suit.


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