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Who was not taken in “The Expendables” – BBC

In rolling out “The Expendables 3″ – Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mel Gibson and other stars of the 90 militants. “Times” was the most comprehensive list of those actors who has not yet appeared in “The Expendables”, though status has every right to do.

The third film in the series “The Expendables “the adventures of veteran mercenaries, which in 2010 launched Sylvester Stallone, do not cease talking about those who do not have enough stars in the team militants. Someone viewers have long been waiting for, someone who has served as a prison sentence Wesley Snipes will see in the new movie, but the lists of desirable individual and biceps do not become shorter.

Especially annoying that in most cases they consist of repeating a dozen even deserved, but not the only worthy people.

It is necessary to dig a little deeper, or at least dig into stacked in the attic VHS-cassettes – and it will be difficult to stop . Therefore, forget about Nicolas Cage (which, incidentally, has already promised in the next section), and John Travolta, giving them a place in this video clubs heroes 80s and 90s.

1. Jackie Chan

The number one on the list, including because of this actor remembered mostly in the context of talking about those guys do not. Remember not only fans, but also the creators of this series of films –

stakeholders have repeatedly confirmed that negotiations on the participation of Chan in the project, but so far failed to agree.

In a cameo, and the role of simply equal to the outstanding master of fighting with all that turned up under the arm, does not agree – he needs one of the main roles, and that he liked the character. To exit the “Expendables 3″ talk about future cooperation resumed – Chan can prisoedinittsya to the composition of “The Expendables 4».

2. Steven Seagal

Another mastodon from the word «must», meaning in this case is necessary in the company of a man. Unlike Chan, no special requirements, and explicitly states that

with some of its members on a movie set is not willing to go, “Life is too short to work with eccentrics ».

Who, exactly, Segal said eccentrics, he does not specify, stressing that the good guys in the draft enough:” I like Jason Stethem, like Jet Li, this kind of guys I respect ” . However, only one in June Seagal initially told reporters that he would not participate in “The Expendables,” and maybe even gather alternative command for the film-competitor, and a week later said that he spoke with Stallone on the phone and on anything not forswear .

3. Hulk Hogan

The man, one whose appearance was to provide him with a residence permit in the team. Wrestler with a white mustache under special heights in the movie, where he played more often in comedies for family viewing (“Mr. Nanny”, “Club of spies”, “Strong Santa Claus”, “Three Ninjas: High Noon at Mega Mount”), but also he was the star of the series “Thunder in Paradise” and appeared in such cartoons as “Robot Chicken” and “American Dad.” As a result, his face is familiar to more people than those of many participants in the project, and could be no doubt that the proposal sooner or later he will go. It came, and the actor has tweeted that the star in “The Expendables 4».

4. Sho Kosugi

criminally in the lists of those who are waiting in the “Expendables”, forget the name of the main Ninja 1980 – the star of films “Included Ninja,” “Revenge of the Ninja”, “Ninja 3: Ninja Spirit” “Nine Death Ninja” and “Black Eagle”, in which an American ninja who became opposed to a KGB agent in the performance of Jean-Claude Van Damme. Yes, Kosugi have not removed and only once appeared on screen since 1994 (in 2009, the director of «V for Vendetta,” James McTeigue called Kosugi in the picture with the speaker called “Ninja Assassin”), but this is not a reason to give up hope to see again the karate master in any capacity. Plus, Sho Kosugi attached to the sons of Cain and Shane. Family they have won a huge number of karate fighters and boevichkov with the names of the series “Women of the planet Zero VII». So that they are necessary.

5. Rutger Hauer

In “Blade Runner,” Ridley Scott’s runaway replicant Roy Batty killer said one of the finest monologues in film history: “I have seen is that you people never dreamed of: attacking ships, blazing over Orion rays C, cut through the darkness at Tannhauser Gate. All those moments lost in time, like tears … in the rain … It’s time to die … “This role is too good to pay for her participation in” The Expendables, “but Dutch actor Rutger Hauer made his debut in Hollywood face to face Stallone in “Nighthawks” is often played in action movies and thrillers, does not give up a variety of suggestions, so it may agree to a similar, if offered.

6. Pierce Brosnan

The Irish actor is not like the action hero, but many believe that the four-time artist as James Bond in the films of the late 1980s and early 1990s, deserves a place of honor in “The Expendables».

of the same opinion and producer Avi Lerner project – he has turned to Brosnan with the appropriate hint, and the latter replied: “Why not? Look ».

However, Brosnan adds that concrete negotiations were not, and he has no idea which of the following films may appear. “It may be played in” The Expendables 7. ” However, now all the news about the project include the mention of this name in connection with “The Expendables 4».

7. Danny Glover

In “The Expendables 3″ main villain played by Mel Gibson, so it’s time to ask a question about his team-mate on the “Lethal Weapon”. Especially because no one this role Glover earned right to participate in the party all in his career is ideal – a cameo from a prisoner in “Escape from Alcatraz” to companionship with another Danny – Trejo (by the way, is also a candidate) – a “cool dude , “recently released straight to DVD. Numerous part-time fighters “B” category does not bother Glover, and this proves that it is still not “too old for this shit».

8. Danny Trejo

Since I remembered about it in the previous paragraph, then that person will devote a separate nomination.

Trejo’s film career began in film by Andrei Konchalovsky’s “Poezd- Runaway, “where the actor played a Mexican boxer.

By the way, in the same picture debuted another” tough guy “Tommy Lister, best known as the” President of “The Fifth Element”. ” Subsequently Trejo beat more than a dozen Mexican (and, more generally, in Latin America) villains and loved Robert Rodriguez, who gave him a memorable role in “From Dusk Till Dawn”, “Children of spies”, and finally start to “Machete».

9. Chow Yunfat

Star militants John Woo’s “bright future”, “Hard Boiled”, “Hired killers” walked away from the role fighters after kung-fu-tale Ang Lee’s “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” and the role of a pirate Baron Xiao fen in “Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End.” In recent years, Yunfat plays emperors and other historical figures, so to persuade him to take part in “The Expendables” may be difficult. The more desirable it becomes for some of his fans. For others, he is too good for such pampering.

10. Clint Eastwood

Readers are indignant, that, excluding Cage and Travolta in favor of the heroes of video clubs, we put on the list of the actor and director, whose personal achievements in the movie is too large to be generally can be called via comma. Indignation would be fair, but the answer is simple – Dirty Harry. Eastwood played in five films brutal cop Harry Callahan is too important for genre cinema to afford to do without the actor in this story.

11. Bolo Yen

Prior to becoming a performer roles of some of the best villains in the history of Kung Fu fighters, Ian in the 1960 swimming moved from China to Hong Kong, where he opened a school of bodybuilding and hit the cinema. Next were acquainted with Bruce Willis, supporting actor in “Enter the Dragon” and “Hercules of the East”, but the real breakthrough came “Bloodsport” with Jean-Claude Van Damme, in which Ian played Bonecrusher and kumite champion Chang Lee. The confrontation was so successful that it was repeated in the “double whammy.” Already these two films should be enough to qualify for the “The Expendables».

12. Cynthia Rothrock

Female list box opens heroine fighters that five times in a row became a world champion in karate, before his debut in cinema film “Superotryad 2″ (aka “Yes, ma’am!”).

In it, she and Michelle Yeoh played two police employees who come into conflict with the Hong Kong triads.

This was followed by many films about owning karate characters, including the “Tiger Claw”, where Rothrock hunted Bolo Ian (see. above). Acting career Rothrock completed in 2004, the painting “Fantastic fighter” and has since been teaching martial arts in California.

13. Pam Grier

In the 1970s, Grier became the star of films of the genre “bleksploteyshn” about black heroes and villains and a subgenre of “Women in Prison”: “The house is big doll”, “Women in cages”, “Pretty Woman Sheba” and a couple of dozen others. In the 1980s played in the TV series “Miami Vice” and “Crime Story” was co-worker Steven Seagal in “Above the Law”, and in the nineties it swerved even in Steven Soderbergh’s animated series “Pinky and the Brain.” Monument as its contribution to the movie set Quentin Tarantino, when in 1997 he directed Grier in written especially for her film “Jackie Brown».

14. Zoe Bell

Before get your own role, New Zealander Zoe Bell worked as a stuntman on the set of TV series “Hercules Legendary Journeys” and “Xena – Warrior Princess»,

and then performed stunts for Uma Thurman in” Kill Bill “, which turned her into an actress.

She was so impressed Quentin Tarantino that he did Bell heroine” Death Proof “and “Grindhouse.” Other big roles followed, but career as an actress and a stuntman goes on, and this year should be out suspiciously like “The Expendables” movie “mercenary” in which a team of female special forces entered Bell, Cynthia Rothrock, and such action stars like Brigitte Nielsen ( “Red Sonja,” “Rocky IV», «Cobra”). In the last chance to migrate to “The Expendables” is smaller than the other: Nielsen Stallone divorced in 1987.

15. Don “The Dragon” Wilson

The Legend of kickboxing began to actively act in films in the late 1980s and since then regularly waving his feet on the screen. Moreover, the acting career and did not think to go into decline – on the contrary, in 2014, to go out five, and by some accounts altogether seven films with his participation. Among all the tapes, which starred “Dragon”, hard to find titles with ratings higher than 5 out of 10 on IMDB, which makes an ideal candidate for Wilson’s “The Expendables».

16. Christopher Lambert

The most famous of this actor brought not the classic thriller with shooting and massacre, and fantastic saga “Highlander” about almost immortal swordsmen with swords, which for centuries, if not millennia cut each other’s heads, because “to stay have only one. ” But it is enough to qualify for the list – “Highlander” provides membership in the club, even if you do not take into account the “Mortal Kombat”, “Fortress” and “Cool trunks».

17. Lorenzo Lamas

About Lamas Russian fans of second-class fighters could not have known if it were not for the show, “Immortal”, suspiciously reminiscent of the series “Highlander”, which in turn was made based on those same films with Lambert. Also in the career of the actor surprised a large number of films, which is set in the water from “Dark Waters” to the painting “Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus.” This actor is listed as an example of the strange twists of mass culture and the memory of generations.

18. Gary Busey

In the nearly 60 years in the movie Busey played many roles, that for every good picture in his filmography dozen such accounts, which saw only the audience the night air of the secondary channels.

On the one hand, he secured the eternal glory of the role of FBI Agent Angelo Pappas in the film “On the crest of a wave».

On the other, along with Eric Roberts, David Carradine, Bolo Ian, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa and other heroes of the past decades even reached the Kazakh film, playing a “melee” Erkena Yalgasheva. Beautiful, in a word, man.

19. Kurt Russell

In 1981, Russell played a one-eyed criminals on the service of the government in “Escape from New York” – John Carpenter sci-fi thriller about a near future in which Manhattan turned into an island-prison. Russell’s career is not confined to the rebels, but they were good, and in 1989 took place increases the chances of an invitation in the “Expendables” meeting with Andrei Kanchalovskogo Stallone in “Tango and Cache».

20. Donnie Yen

Outside of Hong Kong cinema Donnie Yen was chosen infrequently, glows in the films “Highlander: Endgame”, “Blade 2″ and “Shanghai Knights.” But at home, he is one of the main characters of movies about kung fu, and finally a cult status recorded the title role in the Novels about the great martial arts master Ip Man.

21. Peter Weller

On the one hand, this actor, perhaps too intelligent for “The Expendables” – David Cronenberg in “Naked Lunch” was playing. On the other, Weller was the protagonist of one of the most important for the “era of video clubs” films – “Robocop” by Paul Verhoeven. In addition to “Robocop” and its sequels, it is worth remembering and another fantastic thriller “Screamers”. So Weller has every right to go to the frame “Expendables” for a few minutes in some non-obvious as.

22. Mr. T

A former bodyguard of Muhammad Ali and Michael Jackson, a bouncer at the club, wrestler and opponent Sylvester Stallone in “Rocky 3.” This is sufficient, but it is worth to see once flamboyant African-American with a mohawk and a massive gold chain, to understand how Mr. T is the solution to “The Expendables».

23. Michael Pare

Not the most obvious action hero began to have a strange fascination tapes “Eddie and the Cruisers” and “Streets of Fire”, and in 1984 starred in the “Philadelphia Experiment” in the role of a soldier of the Second World War, which thrown into the future. For fiction, horror and unexpected appearance in “The Virgin Suicides” Sofia Coppola followed by years of a very strange movie, and recently Pare too often plays with Uwe Boll. Save the actor from the hands of the director – a noble task.

24. Carl Weathers

Over the years, Weathers played Apollo Creed Boxer – first opponent and then fellow Rocky Balboa. In “Rocky IV» Apollo fell from the heavy hand of Soviet athlete Ivan Drago, and continued his career as an actor in “Predator”, where merilsya biceps with himself Arnold Schwarzenegger. In general, Weathers outplayed in the movie and a half of “The Expendables” and can already be considered as her boyfriend, even strange that it did not name.

25. Mark Dacascos

If Michael Dudikoff (See below.) Became the “American Ninja”, then Dacascos tried to become “American Samurai” – was the name of the first big movie with him, but the studio closed and franchises failed. In “Only the strongest,” the actor was engaged in the popularization of capoeira in “Crying Freeman” was involved in an attempt to adapt to the Japanese manga movie – directed by Christoph Hahn, who years later will remove the “Brotherhood of the Wolf” with the same Dacascos and “Silent Hill” without him . There were several dozen fighters with fights, but an invitation to “The Expendables” Dacascos decided not to wait and starred in the parody film “Uderzhimye” (see. Below).

26. Brian Thompson

For the first time on screen, Thompson appeared in the “Terminator”, but remember the episode is not easy, but then was the leader of the serial killers in the Night Slasher “Cobra” with Stallone, a small role in “AWOL” with Van Damme, bitter Conrad Drago in “Honor and furious” with Cynthia Rothrock and Outworld Emperor Shao Kahn in the movie “Mortal Kombat 2: Annihilation».

Add to that many episodes of varying quality and get the perfect biography for the charismatic actor-movie “B».

However, while Segal talks about a hypothetical possibility to collect alternative “Expendables” team, Thompson called Dacascos and took “Uderzhimyh» (The Extendables) – a parody of the project Stallone and his former comrades-in-arms.

27. Michael Jai White

Before becoming the first African-American, and the popularity of superhero comics in a big Hollywood movie (“Spawn”), Michael Jai White was an ordinary soldier in the “Universal Soldier” and Michael Tyson in the television movie ” Tyson. ” Then hand combat skills useful to him more than once, but the brightest output was the protagonist of the film “Black Dynamite” – a parody of the African-American fighters of the 1970s.



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