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Winner of the film festival in Locarno Artem Bystrov: “My hero – a fool. On such a fool the world keeps “- Moskovsky Komsomolets

Prize Winner for Best Actor was interviewed by “MK»

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August 16 Swiss city of Locarno ended 67th International Film Festival, one of the most prestigious after the main three – Cannes, Venice, Berlin. The jury led by Italian Gianfranco Rossi documentary prize for Best Actor was awarded a 29-year-old Russian actor Artem Bystrov, who played an honest plumber in the film “The Fool” by Yuri Bykov. Interestingly, the same award in the female category was awarded the French-Greek actress Ariane Labed, who plays mechanic on board. So won the Locarno bourgeois working class.

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A scene from the film “The Fool.” Source:

Artem Bystrov Nizhegorodskoe graduated from drama school, where his teacher was Riva Leviticus (Eugene Dvorzhetsky mother, the widow of Vaclav Dvorzhetsky), and then the Moscow Art Theater School, the course Konstantin Raikin. Since 2009 Arteёm serves Moscow Art Theatre. AP Chekhov, is actively engaged in the repertoire. It is familiar to moviegoers as a guy named Sin in “Eight” by Alexei Uchitel, the TV series “The village.” In the movie, he is still just beginning. His character in “Fool” is not forgotten what “conscience”. Yuri Bykov said: “The actors were tightened by Artem, doing what did not expect. Because many thought that they were participating in something ordinary and familiar. Tema pulled them so that they were ashamed to play the way they played before. I thank him for it. Tema in this picture the most important ».

We talked with Artem on the phone after he was presented with the award.

– What was the feeling when you were a movie and went receive a prize?

– Unfortunately, I personally did not get a reward. I am in Riga on the set. Recorded a video message, which also showed in Locarno. But the film we Yuri Bykov represented by a picture in the hall somewhere in the three thousand people.

– And what was the reaction? The Swiss, for sure, took what is happening on the screen as fiction. It’s so normal people do not live.

– All was well. I’m glad that people are gratefully watched our movie. Despite the fact that they do not know the Russian language, there was a feeling that they are correctly understood. In the same household are not as important details, and the system and the person in it. Maybe some details of their confusing, but the story about the man was close to them.

– And he is a fool – your hero?

– Of course. But such a fool the world keeps.

– And you would have been able to?

– I would like to. I understand that it is not like his character, but I really want to have the de willpower, concepts, principles, as he had. I will try to educate them in yourself.

– Do you believe in the fact that such desperate acts capable of something in this world change?

– I seem capable, though not for long. At least for a couple of hours. Globally, perhaps, they will not change anything. But hope lives forever. If she dies, then why bother to live?

In the “Kinotavr” in Sochi, where the film was in competition, Yuri Bykov said: “I recently got married and often think that I would speak to your children. Very worried about what is happening in the country where I was born. I could not go shoot Novomichurinsk where I come from. Although it was there filming “Major.” Now we were forbidden to work there. What is happening in my town – it is terrible. We all – fools. From film to film trying to prove that the only people who will protect us, this plumbers, electricians, those whom we do not know. When we chose nature for the movie, they saw the dumb plumbing. And I was ashamed. This man is at his level goes above and beyond what we can not do. I have collected a huge number of claims to what surrounds us. I do not believe that officials may change. Although they – not freaks, and the hostages of the system and can not get out of the situation ».


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