Tuesday, August 12, 2014

World in a frame: Australian MP was a KGB informant – Details

In a well-known TV series, they withdraw girls from Pussy Riot, why a truck driver for five years, shot a passing car, and in which foreign governmental bodies were KGB spies. On this and many other things – in this review.

Australian MP was an informant of the KGB. Name of Albert James pops in declassified archives of Soviet intelligence. In parliament spy worked from 1960 to 1980-th years.

criticized the United States, opposed the participation of Australia in the Vietnam War, and strongly supported the regime of Fidel Castro in Cuba. For 20 years a deputy James never suspected of having links with the Soviet intelligence.

The shooter with the high road – in court. In Germany, learns the trial about the shooting on the machines on the autobahn. Over 5 years, the attacker scorched by a passing car.

During this time produced about 800 bullets, one of them hit the woman driver. Shooter explains his angry bad and reckless driving.

In the third season of the acclaimed American television series “House of Cards” will participating Pussy Riot. Lover shock the audience got a cameo.

Hope Tolokonnikova and Maria Alekhine became world-renowned after punk prayer service at Moscow’s Cathedral of Christ the Savior. For which they were sentenced to two years in prison.

Drama “House of Cards” with Kevin Spacey in the title role – favorite episodes of Barack Obama.

Fox had fallen from the ceiling, alarmed London hospital. Animal climbed onto the roof during the renovation and crept into the children’s department. In the House at the time of the incident was not the kids. But to catch the foxes from adjacent rooms all were evacuated.

In Haiti, armed men attacked the prison. And some of the prisoners were released. The police already have a version of the attack. Most likely, the raid carried out with a view to export businessman Clifford Brandt.

He’s been in prison since 2012, the year of the kidnapping. The government has promised a reward of 25 thousand dollars for any information about the location of Brandt. How many of the 900 prisoners escaped during the shootout – the authorities are silent.

Journalist from Morocco stole a mobile phone the Minister of Culture of Bahrain. Mai bint Mohammed Al Khalifa discovered the loss after the press conference.

The police looked recording cameras and watched as one of the foreign journalists put the phone minister in his bag. Woman detained for questioning.

Visitors small roadside cafe in England were able to witness the Prince. Husband of Queen Elizabeth II and his entourage stopped for breakfast.

93-year-old Prince Philip local food is not tempted, but he waited for the coffee popyut his companions. After 15 minutes, the royal motorcade left the cafe and stunned visitors.

The international literary scandal. Indonesia Brunei accused of stealing words. Like, in the new dictionary, which prepares Brunei, do not specify the origin of the Indonesian 62-hoo thousand words.

This is not the first international dispute over Indonesia’s cultural heritage. Previously, countries accuse Malaysia of stealing music and dance.


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