Saturday, October 11, 2014

Concert Diana Arbenina Vladimir canceled due to a fire alarm – TVNZ

Did not work out at the well-known rock singer Diana Arbenina with Vladimir. At first it was a concert, scheduled for October 15 has been moved from the Regional Palace of Culture in the Art Palace. And now her statement and canceled altogether because of “fire hazard”.

Diana Arbenina it could be the third concert in Vladimir. Prior to that, she was in 2001 and 2006. During the second visit, she went in the Assumption Cathedral in Vladimir and said after that the city had descended on her grace.

But this time things went differently. As reported in the Art Palace, they had problems with the wiring on the stage. October 9th on the stage began to smoke wire. Supposedly fix it until October 15, it is impossible. Due to the fact that it is impossible to ensure the fire safety of any singer or the audience, it was decided to cancel the concert and the tickets back, is now being done. It is said that it sold about 200 tickets (value ranged from 600 to 2700 rubles).

However, the singer has to Vladimir still come and hold an autograph session. By the way, its representatives do not hide the fact that all these troubles have arisen because of its relationship to the Russian-Ukrainian events of recent months. And give us examples of Krasnodar, where the singer’s concert was canceled for the same reasons.

In his Facebook Diana Arbenina hung a video message, which told about what the city has refused to concerts “Night Snipers” this fall and which remained in the chart.

In the meantime, Diana Arbenina wonders why in Russia canceled its concerts, our columnist Alexander Grishin explains why it is justified.


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