Wednesday, October 1, 2014

“Crime and Punishment” will be a musical – Information Portal 2×

« Crime and Punishment


Staging a musical performance will known Russian director Andrei Konchalovsky

directed by Andrei Konchalovsky deliver musical “Crime and Punishment” to the music Edward Artemiev. In this musical play based on the plan to put all the music written by the composer for the last 30 years.

Action Dostoevsky’s novel of the XIX century will be transferred in a timeless space. So Raskolnikov become a rock star, and Svidrigailov – crooner. But at the same time, the authors of the play is not going to give up some colorful and historic elements, such as the sound of a barrel organ, which is rarely heard in today’s world.

The TV channel “Culture” reports that work on the musical creators intend to finish in 8 months. It is unknown what the artists will perform the role of the characters of the play.

«For the two main characters – Sonya and Raskolnikov – we need musical talent and we wanted to to find them. Two young people who would get the role and made a career. Without them, are unlikely to play can be done. Both games are extremely complex music. And artists should not be guest performers, and that they went with us in all things, and then I hope the show will live “, – quotes” Rossiyskaya Gazeta » Andrei Konchalovsky.

Meanwhile, plans for the creators of the musical global. They say that the role would fit perfectly Sonia Edith Piaf.


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