Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Guardian: Before the murder of an old woman Raskolnikov sing song Muscovites – RT in Russian

The famous director Andrei Konchalovsky will deliver a musical based on the novel by FM Dostoevsky’s “Crime and Punishment.” British newspaper The Guardian surprised by this choice: According to the author, the work is too dark and there was little scenes that can be set to music.

« drunkenness, prostitution, a double murder with an ax and a lot of hours of psychological torment. Maybe, “Crime and Punishment” by Fyodor Dostoevsky and is one of the most outstanding novels in history, but this work, it would seem best suited for the role of musical entertainment for the whole family », – writes The Guardian. Nevertheless, Moscow public, perhaps as early as next year will see a musical based on the story of the « gloomy novel ».

The project involved a famous film director Andrei Konchalovsky. The same man who recently expressed his disagreement with « Hollywoodization Russian cinema » and even asked not to bring his film to “Oscar”, reports The Guardian.

According Konchalovsky, the work on the musical began 40 years ago when the genre has gained popularity in the West and a group of Soviet filmmakers, writers, and composers began to discuss how to « put” Crime and Punishment “to the music ». The idea was forgotten for many years, but in the end decided it Konchalovsky « raise », using music written 30 years ago, but moving the action in the present.

« I would not call it a rock opera per se , – results in The Guardian the words of the director. – It is rather a piece of music with songs, folklore and elements of the opera ».

The British newspaper notes that« in the novel is not so many obvious things that could be put to music, although perhaps Raskolnikov sing a song before killing his victim – an old woman money-lender ». However, the product of a scene where « distributed riotous song bryakaet tambourine in the chorus whistle », – when Raskolnikov dreams crowd, beaten to death mare.

According to the director, casting for two « is incredibly difficult » role – Rodion Raskolnikov and Sonya Marmeladova – will begin in November.

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