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In 2015, the film will be released on the grand return of the Crimea – to Pravda.Ru

Production company “Avatar Movie” begin shooting films on the Crimea to Russia. The first working title of the future picture – “Home” – the filmmakers decided to replace the more interesting – “Braving the waves.” And the role of one of the main characters – grandfather Bandera – offered a famous actor and film director Stanislav Govorukhin.

As told “Izvestia” Producer Anatoly Sivushov found independent investors ready to provide about $ 1 million to make a film, their names were not disclosed. Another $ 3 million to be obtained from the Ministry of Culture and Cinema Fund (Fund compensates for not more than 70% of the estimated cost of the project). Evaluation Sivushova film about the Crimea will be released in November 2015.

Tape could appear in cinemas before, but a filmmaker who has applied for obtaining funding from the movie, called her, considering that the script needs refinement. At this point, according to the producer, approved the first draft of the script, but it will be updated until the start of filming, to which “Avatar Movie” (part of “Amedia” Alexander Akopova) will begin in the spring of 2015. Shoot the film will be at the Yalta film studio.

Now the film company decides on the organizational and technical nature. According to the producer, “established contacts with organizations and specific individuals who can help in the organization of surveys have something interesting to prompt as participants of these events. Goes preparatory period,”

The movie “Braving” tell the attitude of the people against the backdrop of the dramatic events unfolding in February and March on the peninsula, says writer Sergei Shargunov. Story in some way and will cover the latest developments of the Ukrainian revolution.

– In the scenario there and the Crimea, and Kiev, and love and dislike, and friendship, and learning. The protagonists – very young people. Them uncover the plot I can not, – says screenwriter.

name similar to the children’s game, however, also shows a significant participation of adolescents in the film.

– We make human history – adds producer Sivushov. – Events dictate his own, but we do not want to get out policies to the fore.

In supporting roles producer plans to invite local movie stars – one in particular, he did not disclose. Casting is scheduled for the next two months. According Shargunova, one of the roles can execute Stanislav Govorukhin, People’s Artist of Russia and head of the State Duma Committee on Culture. This summer Govoruhin, according to screenwriter, has agreed to play the role of “grandfather Bandera, who came to the Maidan from Western Ukraine, living in a tent and built himself a small village there.” Operational Govorukhina comment on this issue could not be obtained.

In order to collect the billing script five visits to the Crimea in the summer – with the alleged director of the film Taisia ​​Igumentseva that at the Cannes Film Festival in 2012, in the competition of student works Cinéfondation received first place for the short film “The Road to.” (Igumentseva refrained from commenting on the film.)

– I was there in February and early March, saw it with my own eyes. And was at Perekop, and on the isthmus, and the square – explains screenwriter.

Head of Film Culture Ministry Vyacheslav Tel’nov admitted that with the script of the film “Braving” he did not personally sign, but noted that ” Avatar Movie “is not the only kinoproizvodyaschaya company, conceived to make a film about the Crimea.

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