Thursday, October 9, 2014

In France, they can not find a Nobel laureate in Literature – Russian Newspaper

French media can not find the new Nobel laureate in literature writer Patrick Modiano. In the Paris publishing house “Gallimard,” releases his latest novels, also reported that they could not contact the writer.

“We know that the leadership of the Swedish Academy and could not get in touch with Modiano even to tell him the good news about awarding him the Nobel Prize for Literature “- leads TASS message” Gallimard “.

So far, no one in France could not get an interview Modiano.

The main theme of the works of Modiano, born in 1945 – occupation of France during World War II. He became the 11th representative of France, received the Nobel Prize in the field. In addition, Modiano is the winner and award Feneona Roger Nime for his novel “Space Stars” (1968), Grand Prize of the French Academy (1972) for his novel “Boulevard Ring”, the Prix Goncourt in 1978, the Prince of Monaco Literary Award for the totality of creation (1984 ) and the International Prize of Cino Del Duca (2010).


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