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In Simferopol, showed “Sunstroke” Mikhalkov – Russian Newspaper

In Simferopol, the Russian premiere of Nikita Mikhalkov’s film “Sunstroke”, shot by director on the works of Ivan Bunin – the story of “Sunstroke” and the book ” Cursed Days “.

In the capital of Crimea Mikhalkov and playing the main roles – Victoria Solovyov and Martins Kalita – arrived from Belgrade, where yesterday held the world premiere of the films.

before the premiere at the Crimean Academic Ukrainian theater even unrolled the red carpet at the premiere of which took place Mikhalkov and the characters in his film. Victoria Solovyov as the leading man Martins Kalita – still unknown to the Russian audience. But assures Mikhalkov, their talent, a great desire to work and the lack of traction for the glory of them will make a great actor.

Before the screening of the film director told reporters that the Russian premiere of “Sunstroke” in the Crimea – a tribute victims of the Civil War years.

– Why the Crimea? Why Serbia? The last refuge of the last shore, from which left Russian troops led by Wrangel – it was the Crimea, Sevastopol, Odessa. And tens of thousands have found refuge in the benevolent natured Serbia, which took these people to himself. Yesterday we were at the tomb of Wrangel. Then – at the memorial cemetery, the burial place of many hundreds of thousands – and the victims of the First World war and revolutions. Therefore, we have made the world premiere there. Because the heroes of our pictures – they are actually a part of those who survived and were in Serbia. And why come here? Because they wanted to close the circle of this, that these never returned to the Russian people have returned at least virtually, in the form of a film, its characters. Here, in Russia, in the Crimea. Because it’s true. Therefore, we, bypassing all of the city, came here in the capital of Crimea. And tomorrow, God willing, will visit in Sevastopol. Strongly urged not to try to make this some kind of public relations or political action. This is absolutely correct, humane act lay our heads before those very people who were the victims of a terrible war, in which more than eight million deaths and the south of Russia, and the Crimea.

The director said that “Sunstroke” conceived in the early 1980s, but only in 2010, in collaboration with colleagues began writing the script to the final.

The film wonderfully echoes the events of today. Moreover, the female lead singer Victoria Solovyov – a native of the city of Donetsk region Thorez.

– It may seem scary, but everything we say in our picture – this is real life in this region. We previously knew nothing about it, but probably subconsciously, thanks to some instinct we talked about this – admitted Mikhalkov. – It is very important for us all to Ukraine on the terrible experience we ever somehow tried to learn, and not to go that path, although we are very eager to push this way.

As the director, it is of -this the current situation in Ukraine and for reasons of security personnel associated with Odessa, had to retouch and even specifically erase the frame monument to Duke de Richelieu.

– We do not write in the credits of Odessa, we write – South Russia. Because we do not want to now, after what happened in Odessa, on the people who were shot with us, collapsed this hideous abomination of xenophobia and hatred of all things Russian and Slavic in general, – explained Nikita Mikhalkov.

Raised Mikhalkov at the press conference and the fate of the Yalta film studio, the decision to nationalize which took power of the Republic of Crimea. As chairman of the Union of Cinematographers of Russia, after reconstruction of Yalta film studio should become a center for young film Russia, and with the appropriate technical base Russian and foreign producers will be able to shoot in the Crimea up to 70 pictures.

– I supported the government and the president that the first Russian film studio deserves to become a kind of Mecca, some ground for young directors of the country to get here was the center of Young Cinema. This does not mean that the Yalta studio will deal only with the opening, it should be powerful, have powerful hardware, and I assure you, every year to take at least 50-70 pictures – said Mikhalkov. – In the Crimea can shoot everything, just everything! Maybe in the Crimea can not shoot New York, but everything else that you can build … Very simple reason – the highest number of sunny days, it is fundamentally important question.


Hope Proskurin, ethnographer, Simferopol:

– The film raised a very important issue. We often overlook the most important thing and not enough love their homeland, their homeland. And the movie makes you think about it the most cherished. Man was created for love – love of a comprehensive, all-consuming, and that this should be the love of his homeland. I think everyone should see this movie and think about how we live. What we do, and that are missing in my life.

Edward Tsarev, pensioner:

– experience still need to “digest” . Film in the style Mikhalkov – nostalgia, past mistakes and their interpretation. But the film is difficult, and may not yet clear to me. Other questions, and so we need more time to carefully read Bunin.

Help “RG”

“Sunstroke” – project Nikita Mikhalkov on the works of Ivan Bunin – the story of “Sunstroke” and the book “Cursed Days”. The film weaves a love story of the protagonist – a lieutenant of the Russian army, and the surrender of the Whites in the Crimea, and their subsequent destruction by the decision of the command of the Southern Front of the Red Army.

October 5 Nikita Mikhalkov will present a picture in Sevastopol. Moscow Premiere tape is scheduled for October 7. And on October 9, the movie comes out in a Russian car.


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