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Lyubimov accompanied silence – music and tears – Rosbalt.RU

In the capital Academic Vakhtangov Theater hosted a farewell for the People’s Artist of the Russian Federation, the founder of the Taganka Theatre Yuri Lyubimov. Outstanding director, died on Sunday, October 5, at the Botkin Hospital as a result of acute heart failure. He was 97 years old.

The queue of those wishing to say goodbye to a legend, despite the cold weather, stretched out on the Old Arbat long before the official start of the ceremony. Colleagues and students of Yuri Lyubimov, grateful audience … They were carrying flowers, wreaths and remembered his outstanding performances, masterpieces that are actually built up a worldview of a generation. Hearse to the lines on the back door “with your beloved does not break up, only to be next stop” drove up to the main entrance of the Vakhtangov Theatre in complete silence. Last climb Yuri Lyubimov at the scene of his fans met in silence, many – with tears in his eyes.

The widow of director Catalin Lyubimov said that he identified the funeral ceremony – no speeches, speeches, applause, – considering the excessive pomposity inappropriate . Fitting farewell like to choose the same person: the way to art he started it in the Vakhtangov Theatre. On Taganka, he did not want to go back either in life or after death.

One of those who came to bid farewell to the maestro – a gray-haired man of advanced years in a black coat and hat – as a student working at the Taganka Theater. He found it impossible not to come to the ceremony of farewell to its founder. Together with Lyubimov left whole era – he said.

“For nearly a year, I worked in the theater. It was the territory where there was a very different political climate.’s Views on art were also different. Yury Lyubimov a whole era. Personally for me, this is a slice of life. I had a chance, fortunately, to see not only a huge amount of his performances, but also to visit its rehearsals. When I found out that Yuri Lyubimov is not, I do not for a long time could not realize that left a man who has played in my life, a serious role, “- said the man.

Other admirers of Yuri Lyubimov call him not only as a legend and conscience of his age. “Director Lyubimov – died. He is immortal, – says the girl with a large bouquet of red roses, came to say goodbye to the director. – His theatrical language, its methods will live, they have influenced and will continue to do so. But the worst thing that has left people which was conscience. We so often look for spiritual leaders, that he was so. He reminded us that they do not teach the lessons of history, what happens when they do not learn. How the past can be repeated. Today we have been orphaned. As stated David Samoilov of departing geniuses: “Nope them. And everything is permitted. “That is the most terrible and bitter”.

In the auditorium of people allowed groups – so much has been gathered. As it turned out, music and decoration of the hall for their funeral Yuri Lyubimov determined independently. There were works by Alfred Schnittke and Vladimir Martynov. The stage was decorated with the decorations for his last performance – “Demons”, the right hung a portrait of a pensive director, and to the left – a large icon of St. Nicholas. Also, in his last statement.

Among the first who came to say goodbye to the director – Culture Minister Vladimir Medina, head of the Vakhtangov Theatre Rimas Tuminas, actors Benjamin Smekhov, Yevgeny Gerasimov and Leonid Yarmolnik, head of Channel One Konstantin Ernst, businessman Mikhail Kusnirovich and many others.

“His credo was – to bring in people desire truth and justice. And it’s not news desire to show that good, what is bad. This digging in each of us, in fact, how we live, stremlenievidet existing flaws. In art, it is impossible to show only what is good. The art must necessarily be different – both positive and negative. He always found that interfered with life. shows all that did not suit him and what he did not agree, “- said the director and deputy Yevgeny Gerasimov.

First Deputy Director General of ITAR-TASS Mikhail Gusman, in turn, named Yuri Lyubimov not only a great director, but also a” great citizen of our country ” . “Yuri Petrovich was not just a great director, a theatrical heritage that will explore many generations of students. He was a great citizen of our motherland. Today, not only Russian culture, not only Russian theater, but also humanity orphaned because there was such a lump as Yuri Lyubimov, “- said on.Po him, Taganka Theatre had its” stunning citizenship “and” unique handwriting “largely due Lyubimov. “When I was a student in his hometown of Baku, I flew in specially for the performances of the theater. And when after many years of this said Yuri Petrovich, not even caused him surprise, because it turned out that thousands of these same young people as I’m all over the Soviet Union flew to get to the theater and breathe that unique theatrical and civic spirit, which has been impregnated with Taganka Theatre, and that brought back Yuri Lyubimov, “- says the journalist.

In the Vakhtangov Theater brought so many colors that the artists and ministers after the ceremony for a long time could not load everything in the car. And when the hearse pulled away, gathered could not resist and yet violated wish maestro, seeing him on his last journey applause.

Dennis Goldman


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