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Nikita Mikhalkov acted as weary magician – New News

The new film by Russian director most odious no worse and no better than those that are removed after the “Oscars” produced for the first series of “Burnt by the Sun.” It also has spectacular pieces like a pair of three scenes with colorful performers of the second plan, but the impression of the whole characteristic of the author spoils paralogous and general banality of artistic thought. First of all, the building itself is discouraging picture, trivial and monotone punctuate the action in 1920 with flashbacks that mimic the memories of the protagonist, relating to 1907. And mimic uncomfortable: try, for example, to explain how such an association in memory of captive white lieutenant, asked: “How did all this (the defeat and death of the old White Russia) happened?” – Refers to a sudden, fleeting and not spiritual thrust, swept a man with a woman in comely day thirteen years ago, and very succinctly described Bunin. Day in which the filmmakers have not noticed absolutely nothing specifically inherent to the last year of the first Russian revolution, and almost anything that would not be characteristic of Russia for twenty and one hundred and twenty years before him. Careless clerk, forgotten in time to hit the church bell; avaricious priests; Hotel maids and assigns forgotten things and do not bring the change lackeys lived in the XVIII century, but could not remember the hero because of his everyday life, as Darwin’s ideas, who walked in Russia since the early 60-ies of the XIX century, still a little hurt people stationary consciousness which easily coexist mutually exclusive ideas. Another thing is that the Darwinian theory clatter of Nikita Mikhalkov, who ought to pretend that every power of God, and who would not like the idea that selfish or unselfish revered them rulers, as despicable smerdy also had a monkey ancestor, also common to the higher and lower. From what is the idea clear the stump, just one step away from the hated revolutions, do not recognize the differences between God’s anointed by mere mortals, and encroaching on the divine power of the first. Now, if the hero told the kid that Darwin heretic and devil seducing commoners harmful ideas, it is not the boy grew up in a deceptively good security officer, giving the go-ahead last sinking of a barge with the prisoners, among whom is the recognized his old acquaintance and kind. And if anyone thinks that this retelling maliciously exaggerate the thinking of the author, let him read his numerous besogonskie razmyshlizmy.

The second idea, just close the souls of the main creator of “Sunstroke” and his faithful follower in the person of the Minister of Culture, gives white captain (small, but, as always, memorable role Vitaly Kishchenko), which, contrary to the straightness of character reminds his comrades in the camp that promises good notorious liars worthless and Blindside their statement, was to blame Russian literature, for a hundred years as blacken the blessed homeland. And (while still unthinkable in the mouth of this character, but forcibly invested in them by the author of the film considerations, from whom the late author of “Cursed Days” Ivan Bunin turning in his grave), thus causing the people seditious thoughts about a revolutionary change in those who use them (the fatherland and people) of the Rules. Still, after all the art of Nikita Sergeyevich remain each subsequent court chairman, president or monarch is just the ability to convince of it, that there is no alternative and will not be until at least as long as the Lord does not call for one of them to him.

Now about visual signals. If you believe Mikhalkov, the initiative came from the liquidation of prisoners Rosalia Zemlyachki, but there is no reason to trust these things with any historical or artistic point of view. Nobody disputes the fact that it is responsible for the wild and senseless slaughter of 1920, but, according to some historians reasonably be expected, the action was horrible, as things like that in Soviet Russia, secretly agreed with the central Bolshevik power, that is to say with Trotsky and Lenin, or have been committed with the tacit connivance of these, and gave the command to direct executors appointed chairman of the center of the Crimean Revolutionary Committee Bela Kun, burning with desire for revenge “suckers” for the failure of his attempts to arrange a proletarian revolution in Hungary. However, in the film-kun (you can guess why) is hidden in the shadow of his party tovarki by Miriam Sehon – actor’s bright, but not very convincing, as often happens in the movies of our great director, willingly neglects the internal validity for external brightness. Filled with revolutionary romanticism girls (Mikhalkovskaya Zemlyachka fifteen years younger than the real, and the screen-kun as much older than its inverse image) do not command the massacres and not thinking about what they penetrated intolerance calls for freedom, equality and brotherhood can lead to such consequences. But imagine izuverkoy passionate girl much piquant than a cold-blooded young doctrinaire or adult dogmatichku and absurdities Nikita Sergeyevich never troubled. Want him to dashing Cossack Cossack captain with forelock remembered Montaigne and downed Darwin confused boy became kromeshnikom polite, and even returned to the former lieutenant once forgotten those pocket watches and finally waved his hand – and we will watch, and will be the final call. And there is nothing to do with Mikhalkov that he forty years ago with far greater dexterity convince gullible public in white red and black white, putting symbolically melodramatic phrase, “You beast, gentlemen” in the mouth tender, like a nightingale, love slave.

And how on earth is not seen in the ship’s magician of “Sunstroke” unintentional self-parody of the author, a substitute for the art of cinema and their artistic abilities with manipulating the viewer’s attention? How not to notice the transition claiming the depth of the film at the camp, and simply – in the unconscious kitsch if culmination love interest – the sublime, according to the author, the merger lieutenant with hardly a familiar fellow traveler rather than the ubiquitous nauseam flying veil as illustrated in the forehead secretions of the sweat glands and back-(begs the “dissolute”) steamship forth motions of the pistons, and crowned with bawdy (or not say) drop from a bent crane? Right, it is appropriate vulgar allusions would be as trivial, but at least honest porn …

What do we have in the bottom line? If you use the name of a brilliant short film Michael Mestetsky (one of the writers of “Legends of the number 17″) – is meaningless tightened retrospective story about the “minor detail random episode” of the lives of two characters as small or as sarcastically put it in his blog feysbuchnom one sarcastic lady, ” adventure flying scarf. ” And more interesting, but as the surface reconstruction of historical events. Enough for “the great film about a great tragedy,” as no longer dared to call his creation the author pripechatat stupidest advertising slogan “Anticipation.” So nothing Mikhalkov is preparing for the fact that his next creation will not understand: the trouble is that to adequately understand and appreciate.


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