Thursday, October 9, 2014

Nobel Prize for literature was found and gave a press conference – RBC

The Nobel Prize in Literature, French writer Patrick Modiano found and even spoke at an impromptu press conference in the publishing house “Gallimard,” where he called the awarding of the prize “a little surreal.” This was reported by Reuters.

«It seems to me a little bit unrealistic. After all, once in memory occur childhood memories – the same Camus (Nobel Prize for Literature in 1957), I had just had to be fulfilled for 12 years, and then the other, “- said Modiano.

He also admitted that the premium is literally caught him by surprise. He was walking around the city, and could not even think that it will get to him. “I would like to know how they explained this choice,” – said the writer. Modiano also shared that he wanted to dedicate this victory to his grandson, who is a Swedish citizen.

69-year-old Modiano was born in the Paris suburb in July 1945, a few months after the Nazi occupation of France. Most of his novels themes connected with this period of history. His father had Jewish roots, his mother was French. According to the writer, it was his roots influenced the moral attitude toward the German army during the occupation.

Following the award of the Nobel Prize in Modiano media reported him missing. In particular, it was reported that it can not be contacted or the Nobel committee, nor the publishing house Gallimard. Later, representatives of the publishing house denied the disappearance of writer and informed about the upcoming press conference with his participation.


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