Wednesday, October 8, 2014

One Flew Over the vampire – BBC

In the box “Dracula” – an attempt to rethink the biography of the legendary Romanian bloodsuckers in the genre of the psychoanalytic comics.

Transylvanian prince Vlad Tepes served as duties in the service of the Janissaries Turkish army, received a cruel nickname Impaler, returned home, married, and is determined to rule the native land. His ambitious plans for the development of their native land, however, interfere with the old fellow Turks, requiring that he gave them as a tribute to a thousand boys, and most importantly – his own son. The threat of destruction of the family makes Vlad go into the cave, where for many years home to the world’s first vampire, and conclude with a monster deal: in exchange for supernatural power Tepes three days will suffer thirst for blood, and if the yield to – will forever be a slave to the ancient bloodsucker exempted such way of life imprisonment.

At Trailer movie “Dracula” seemed zabubennym trash, removed at the same time a lot of money:

clouds of bats, the Turks Romanians and the Anglo-Saxon appearance, ringing steel sip of fresh blood and a villain from the latest “Fast and the Furious” Luke Evans, furiously tearing into the first tier of Hollywood stars.

The more pleasant, that first picture is quite different. Yes, the events take place in the schematic, but in comic book expressive of Transylvania, but they tell the audience the story of the real Dracula, who has long deserved this great statement, which would be represented by all the intrigues and internecine kolosazhatelnye repression. But do go to the historicism of reviewers would not give the studio – given the vampire renaissance, which began motion picture epic “Twilight.” This complexity writers also not spared without luster – turned necessary for budget mystical component in the tragical in fact conflict.

And here is where the problems began. Debutant Gary Shore ran into a large medieval setting with the excitement of a neophyte who has received the opportunity to reshoot all the love that he had to peek at the senior companions – for example, Peter Jackson.

In this case, the budget of “Dracula” is obviously less than that of Tolkien adaptations, so Shaw had to do dim glitter of blades, just one building burned and eternal twilight, which is explained by the fact that vampires harmful sunlight. We can only guess how visionary riot it could all turn around, stay in the project the author of “Dark City”, one of the major Hollywood outsider geniuses Alex Proyas. Not to mention the fact that Hit the picture in the hands of the director, who knows a lot about the tragedies of history – for example, Mel Gibson – Dracula could easily stand next to Shakespeare Macbeth.

At the Shore also went something like half-forgotten “King Arthur” by Antoine Fuqua with Keira Knightley and Clive Owen. Directed by “training day” in 2004, the year also swung to the audit of the legendary character, built a beautiful display, and in the middle he asked suddenly, that the timing is not enough and quickly killed all married. Directed by “Dracula” in this sense overawed more tangible.

Preferring classical tragedy psychoanalytic tradition kinokomiksa behalf of Christopher Nolan, left from a large-scale plan only vague allusions to Batman, who, in general speaking, long affinity with the Romanian Impaler through the bats.

Well, intonation on the sequel, which – if he is destined to happen – and does degenerate into latex VAMPUKA style “another world.”


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