Friday, October 10, 2014

Pink Floyd’s declassified content farewell album – Russian Newspaper

Members of the legendary group in which there were only two – guitarist / singer David Gilmour and drummer Nick Mason – continue to reveal the details of their new album The Endless River. Release its appointed November 10 (as we have already mentioned in the “RG”). And the musicians Pink Floyd announce this disc farewell.

A month before the release date, the band Pink Floyd continue gradually disclose the contents of 18 new songs. Some of them – the material not included in the 1994 album The Division Bell, or inspired by the remaining unrealized ideas of 20 years ago. Other tracks recorded this year, after David Gilmour (successfully switch to a solo career) and Nick Mason (who returned to painting), met again in the studio. At the same time, a new drive will come in and the music Pink Floyd keyboardist Rick Wright, who died in 2008 at age 65 from rapidly develop cancer ..

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“New Album – a Pink Floyd XXI century! ” – Said of the disc producer Phil Manzanera it. And he calls David Gilmour The Endless River 20-year saga that has become a tribute to Rick Wright. “This album – a very emotional and lots of evocative moments – says David Gilmour. – Listening to all this stuff makes me regret his departure again and again”.

The album was attended by guest musicians . For example, a charming female string quartet Escala (which is already on his debut album – with leading Violins and Cello – very powerfully performed an instrumental version of the song Kashmir legendary Led Zeppelin). And in the song Talkin ‘Hawkin’ (Talking Hawking) vocalist named a famous scholar, English theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking.

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yesterday, October 9, at the morning show to Chris Evans on BBC Radio 2, and premiered the first song from the album The Endless Rover – Louder Than Words. This is the only song disc, which has a text. It was written by the wife of David Gilmour – poet Polly Samson (author of many texts and The Division Bell).

In this case, as promised by the musicians, the new CD will be released: a digital download format, on CD, in a de-luxe edition CD + DVD, with a double “vinyl” disc with a turn, and in the format of Blu-Ray.


Former bassist Roger Waters (Pink Floyd still had left in 1985), strongly denied rumors that he, for the sake of Rick Wright labored over the release of The Endless River. On his page on the social networks he wrote:

– Dear friends! Recently, my wife Lori periodically ask about the album, which I supposedly releasing in November. I beg your pardon? I’m not releasing in November, all mixed up something: this is David Gilmour and Nick Mason are going to release an album! Pink Floyd is now just one of them! And I no longer play Pink Floyd, left the band 29 years ago. Therefore had no relation to their last two albums – Momentary Lapse of Reason and The Division Bell, and yes to The Endless River will not … Enough already, it’s really so hard to remember?


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