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Prize for the occupation: the Nobel laureate was Frenchman Patrick Modiano – RBC

Modiano born July 30, 1945 in Boulogne-Billancourt, a commune in the western suburbs of Paris. The boy grew up in a wealthy family. His father was a merchant, came from an old Jewish family, mother – Flemish actress.

After school, he enrolled in the future winner of the prestigious Parisian lycée Henri IV, where he taught geometry writer, poet and member of the surrealist movement Raymond Queneau, a friend of his mother. Undergraduate College in Annecy was the last stage of education Modiano, he decided not to continue to devote himself to writing.

Keno played a crucial role in the creative destiny Modiano, a young man entering into a literary circle publisher Gallimard. This is the publishing house in 1968 was a first novel by a writer – “Space Stars”, which was immediately noticed by the critics. The book has been awarded two prestigious awards – Feneona and Roger Nime. First awarded “the young writer and the young artist or sculptor at the age of 35 years and more, in a humble position” in order to help them continue their literary or artistic education. Second – young authors, style, way of thinking and creativity which give reason to classify them to the participants of the literary movement founded in 1950 by Roger Nime.

His work and not later than the time attracted the attention of critics. In 1978, the Modiano was awarded the most prestigious literary award in France – Prix Goncourt.

The search for the origins of

Some literary critics have seen in Modiano nisprovergatelya canons neoavangardistskogo novel. This reputation has supported and the writer himself: “Literature for literature searches in writing, all Byzantinism, pertinent to the scientific discussions and colloquia – no, I’m not interested. I am writing to know who I am, to understand its essence “, – he said in 1975.

Modiano is the author of more than 20 novels. As the Associated Press, his works are not very well known in the English-speaking world, although translated into many languages, including Russian. Virtually all of the writer’s works are autobiographical in one way or another connected with the theme of the occupation of France during World War II (although he was born a few months after the war in Europe).

«occupation of my novels – said writer already in the mid 70s – has little to do with real forties. I create an atmosphere that is reminiscent of the occupation, but in the end is not so and it looks like … In my first three novels, I have not described the historical events and the uncertain light of my origins. ” According to him, he turns to the occupation also because he wants to find there the origins of contemporary society, to study French in one of the most difficult periods of their history.

In his second novel, “Night Watch” the author continues to search for the answer the question of what man is, and think about its roots. The motif of dissociation, the duality of the world and of man is the product of leading.

The central creative Modiano are themes of memory, its loss, identity, and guilt. Heroes Modiano are searching began, roots, the study of the past for self-knowledge. This generation is restless, “superfluous” people. His works often present an image of Paris, and at times in the story city finds signs of character, becoming almost a protagonist, connecting unrelated storylines.

According to Modiano, as the billing for his novels he continually used the interviews, newspaper articles, and notes that he has collected over the years. All his novels are somehow linked. Sometimes old story gets continued in a new book or an old character gets a new life in a different story.

Artworks Modiano often portrayed. In 1974, the scenario Modiano was filmed feature film “Lacombe Lucien”, which a year later was honored with the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA). In 2000, the writer was a member of the jury at the Cannes Film Festival.

Modiano entered the French literature as a writer, to which a fashion spread on the retro style. “Today everyone feels unstable and are turning to the past, hoping to find in it the fulcrum … And the more I become” retro “, the more I become modern” – says the author in 1983.

Modiano married (since 1970) and has two daughters.

There was not a clear favorite

Modiano was not among the clear favorites Nobel premium, leaving behind the usual candidates repeated from year to year – Haruki Murakami, Philip Roth, Svetlana Aleksievich. However, last week, bookmakers have recorded a sharp increase in interest rates that the prize this year will get to Modiano, causing rumors of a possible leak in the Nobel Committee. Odds of winning Modiano, a few months back was 1/100, fell to 1.10 before the announcement of the winner, told the AP representative bookmaker Ladbrokes David Williams.

However, according to Williams, Ladbrokes is well versed in the signs unfair play and did not see anything suspicious in the price dynamics of winning the French writer. “It does not look like a leak. Apparently, the fans supported him with their rates than lifted his chances, “- said the bookie.

Total shortlisted literary award this year included 210 authors.

A few hours to the winner of the latter-day could not reach neither journalists nor the publisher with whom he collaborates. His publisher Antoine Gallimard was the first to get through to the writer, who told him the news from Stockholm. “I congratulated him, and he, with his usual modesty, said this is very strange. But he was very happy, “- said Gallimard radio Europe 1.

Modiano himself admitted on Thursday that the Nobel Prize seems to him” a little surreal. ” “It seems to me that this is unrealistic, because I remember my childhood, even Camus – I was 12 then – and then other writers – he said at a press conference. – It is unbelievable that I compare the people I admired. ”


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