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Review to a film Review of the movie “Vanished” – KinoNovosti

Hearing “Vanished” October 7, 2014.
– Hi, I’m Darkvayt – said the man in the courtroom
– You prosecutor?
– Prosecutor? Yes, you can call me that, as you wish. Do you understand why you are here? Someone anonymously filed against you with the reason “Fincher you blown away. I was so looking forward to you, and you took it and spat on my feelings. Burn in hell for you disappeared in a slow fire.” I think you have no idea who could write it, believe me I do not know, but work is work. I understand you are now at a loss, I can guess what you’re thinking, “This is illegal. During that do not put. What’s going on?” I assure you, you should not worry so about it, nobody is going to plant. We just find out “Who is right and who is wrong,” and that’s all. But at stake is what you and the other directors are highly cherished, “the dignity of his name.” And if you do not hire a lawyer. thus expressing that you are not guilty, let’s start w.

“Studio relate to the audience as to the lemmings, like cattle in the barnyard. I do not want to require my actors or someone else working hard on the set, if the studio refers to the process of how to cook hamburgers.” Girl with Dragon Tattoo “- not a Big Mac.” Vanished “- not a Big Mac. I do not stuff the audience of Big Macs” – as you said, Mr. Fincher? Just want to remind you that it is these words seem to be the person who gave up on life or wasting revaluation of own forces. This question is not so important in fact, I just want that we have been honest with you
 - Yes, “Vanished” – not a Big Mac
 - Well, that’s fine, too, I confess to you, that between us there were secrets. I’m not a fan of your work, I generally am not a fan of anything, because once “someone” gave me a lesson in life, that from now on only 2-3 films give me the title of “Good movie,” because I was looking at other side that the fan can love something crazy or hate prikopalis to any detail with the phrase “It’s not by the book” or “First he shot better.” I’m not that, I just want to see what the director is trying with great zeal to make a film for the audience by telling a story, and the fact that the story itself is good or bad we will deal later. and most importantly, “the film to justify its genre” with live characters that act as survival instinct tells them
 - We all have lapses
 - You’re right, everyone has lapses, shoals, and the other, let me tell you straight so you do not upset your movies so let’s say the same, sometimes just changing the concept, it’s just my opinion, everywhere you want to create megadetektiv where everything is very confusing, and most importantly, that all exclusively everything looks “perfect” for the plan. Take the example of the same “game”. I heard you hate this movie. sometimes ask yourself, and what was the guarantee that the organizers Michael Douglas come to mind that the key to help him get out of the sinking car, but it’s my claim just simply, but you know what’s the catch? All your films in spite of the similarity of the implementation of plot turns were in possession of “Moral of the story is.” For example: “Fight Club” – do not beat yourself up, you’re a loser, because the person to whom you envied proved yourself. You’re not an empty place. “The Game” – life is not only to be considered as boring as a mathematician fell and rose stocks, sometimes you have to be a human being. “The Social Network” – money, even though a billion dollars is not a reason to betray the best friend. “Seven” – vengeance is evil, do not do what the man on the arm. And then we moved on to “Vanished” – lie all you want, still get away with it, marriage is evil, continue to watch the show on TV, inflated man, no matter shall be podkablukom forgetting about their own pride and dignity …

 - I did not mean it
 - I think you’re exactly what I meant. Let me start though, that everyone in the room were also informed. Itself “Vanished” begins with Ben Affleck tells his neighbor about what is happening in his house, going to the house, he realizes that the house was a massacre and someone stole Amy and all this happened in just a minute. Write it on the record, and then he immediately called the police. In general, the first half of the film is filled with a sort of flashback slowly revealing what happened. And from that moment I begin to understand that it is not the one who actually kidnapped and possibly killed Amy, as “propaganda” head spins million. The film began to transform from a detective in survayvl in social life. And the truth is, no matter gay, a pervert, and the other is important as it is promoted in the news, so that will believe it. A sort of “Vanished” becomes the equivalent of a “Look what’s happening on the other side of the screen.” You have shown the process of lip service is wonderful, and I’m waiting for the ending of this film, you will expose the industry “reality show” in the trash … the question is still adequate “Why did you not do that?” . Or are you going to again apologize to all of you screwed up the third act as the same “Game”?
 - I see you do not have a claim to my criticism, it’s even a compliment for me. And since the theme of “zomboyaschika” filled with only a lie is not solved … I remind you that this would justify your movie, move the same “herd”. Remember what you said in the film that the state Misuiri or whatever it is that threatens the death penalty to Ben Affleck? So, once it came to this, and may the case of the “disappeared” take seriously? For example, Ben Affleck firstly not such an idiot to store the murder weapon in the fireplace and of course it did not meet all this would make for a Ferris minutes, remember the protocol :) Of course, he is not an idiot … so wash the blood and leave signs of a struggle in the form of glasses. In other words, at the dude has all the alibi is not considered a killer, even if the damn diary were hints that he is to them. Police Department and the FBI who should be fired for negligence to the case for not figured out whether it is writing or not, but the most important is the lack of study of “how long” was written diary, because if it says “September 7, 2010″ at the beginning of the diary and the end of the “August 5, 2012″ then the logic of “student” to him for 2 years. and in the opinion of a good examination that is not in this movie – 2-3 weeks. In other words, you would send the poor man to death for “Diary” taxis. But seriously, Mr. Fincher, you know how terrible favors done :) And I thought that in your films are no stupid characters.
 - Everything you just said is complete nonsense, I’m such critics as you always had to deal
 - Oh, that’s how it? Sorry, did not want to humiliate you but you forced me to do it. Witness “Gorgeous Amy” I want to ask you a few questions.
 - Of course, the question

 - So you’re saying that you actually stole your mental patient Desi fan, whom you killed, yes?
 - Yes
 - So, “you think,” he hit on the head and thrown into the fire a weapon?
 - Yes
 - … And leave a note with your hand
 - What?
 - I’m talking about the note? Note with your hand in the locker bedroom, office, your husband, your father’s house and left her husband in the fireplace your diary left abductor Desi
 - I have a headache
 - And he kidnapped you at 9 am, although while he was at work as reported by its employees and the secretary, right? Forgotten nothing
 - It matters not to me
 - Oh, no, these questions just like you and you do not know how to lie, including this regard and the FBI and the police who just do not have questioned employees Desi where he was at 9 am on the day when you were kidnapped and Fincher …. of course. Ah, yes, because how could I forget about what you said hello one man in the bar where you drink champagne with Desi and then you went to his house. Fincher that put this character without any need? And after all this, you have no pangs of shame and conscience say that you had a perfect plan :)) Of course the FBI and the police “closed” that thing :)
 - It’s Fincher, it took a second rate stupid and illogical detective thriller with a trailer on morality.
 - That’s how it is. That’s all.

Darkvayt directed his gaze to Fincher.
 - You know, Fincher, you could get out of that schlock to the script, and the truth could. Remember, you are the whole movie hinted at Amy bought a gun? I thought that Ben Affleck and will shoot himself. kraynyak shoot Amy and then commit suicide, but in general represented as he pulls out a gun in a desperate voice speaks the truth and then kills himself on television. That would be zashibennaya. Do not worry, there are still loyal fans who despite idiotinu who worked during the filming. But others, and really sorry you took and put themselves evening, I hope you took your mistakes and do not step on a rake, but it will be a totally different story. All the best !!!


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