Thursday, October 2, 2014

Started St. Petersburg International Media Forum – Proceedings

October 1 in the Exchange building on Vasilevsky Island opened St. Petersburg International Media transfer Orum. In honor ceremony solemnly lights came on rostral column. Stock Exchange building, vacant since 2010, when the Naval Museum moved to Kryukov barracks, again came alive and filled with people – walked the red carpet known filmmakers and representatives of the film industry.

parting words from the scene said each member of the Board of Trustees of the media forum, who came to the opening. Hermitage director Mikhail Piotrovsky thanked for demonstrating the new features of the building of the Exchange. Jealous of the site and the executive director of the Cannes International Film Market Marche du Film Jerome Paillard (“Nothing like we were in Cannes would not be able to do”). Curator creative laboratory “K.L.A.S.” Alexander Sokurov glad the number of talented young people from the provinces, and the deputy representative of the President in the North-West Federal District Love Sovershaeva wished the participants’ vivid discussions and interesting meetings ».

In turn, the general producer of the media forum and the author of the concept Catherine Mtsituridze modestly noted that “had to work under difficult circumstances.” And although the list of difficulties was not announced, present them is not difficult. Attempts to powerful cinematic event in St. Petersburg have been many times, but significant progress has not followed. The number of festivals in the world in the thousands, the competition is extremely high. Success of a film festival depends on many factors – accumulated prestige, program quality, famous guests and even the time of the. But perhaps the most important presence of a powerful film market.

The new concept was developed and implemented by a team of “Roskino” with the support of the Government of St. Petersburg and under the personal patronage of George Poltavchenko considered mistakes of predecessors. Business component is brought to the forefront. On the agenda – the near future of the industry.

– There is one word that has been incorporated into the concept of a forum from the very beginning, the word “synergy», – stressed critic Denis Ruzaev, curator of the market start-ups and new media. – We understand underneath mutual existing of different forms of content, the existence of media and entertainment industry at the moment. Boundaries within which companies can work, border television, film, the media is not something that parted – they are no more.

Reflection of a new socio-cultural and economic reality has become the ceremony opening. The interior of the 200-year old building was converted in accordance with the technologies of the XXI century. Renowned opera director Basil velvet invented 20-minute presentation programs offline at the junction of the theater, a light show and video installations. Each program represents an aggressive cutting staff, which was projected on a three-tiered cone dammed by masked men. Opening Film – family drama, “Mommy” Canadian wunderkind Xavier Dolan, provocative style, but very traditional in its humanistic promise.

The political situation could not but affect the preparation of the forum, and Catherine Mtsituridze stressed that it took place in spite of all conjuncture.

– Russia is open, and no matter what happens in politics, people of culture with an open mind always apply to everyone. I ask you to be open to love and appreciate their own, but not at the expense of others. Russia – a huge part of the world, it gave him a lot, as well as absorbed many things from other cultures. This interchange – a basic factor in our media forum – sure, the general producer.

In a couple of days, and the building of French architect Thomas de Thomon become the largest in the Russian media market. From October 6 will start co-production market, will be the show-cases of Russian cinema and television, conferences and round tables devoted to new technologies in the production of content for film, TV and media, new ways of distribution of products, the problems of state and so on.

According to the organizers, Media Forum should be involved 2.2 thousand. man of 57 (not including Russia itself) countries. Its presence confirmed the major players of film and television industry: NBC, Universal, Warner Bros, Disney, Showtime, Starz, Fox, Sony, Fremantle, Lionsgate, HBO, CBS, Endemol. In the field of digital technology: Netflix, Hulu, Film London, Tribeca Film Festival TFI New Media Fund, Vice Media, Power to the Pixel, PopUp Cinema. Among Russian participants of the market of new media leading companies Rambler & amp; Co, «VKontakte», IVI, Amediateka, «STS-Media».

What to watch

At the St. Petersburg media forum in principle will not contest the jury. Instead, from 1 to 10 October, residents have to wait 10 conceptual programs compiled the best domestic film critics – in fact 10 of the twin mini-festivals.

At festivals critics always dissatisfied with the decision of the jury. By breaking this tradition, Catherine Mtsituridze gave carte blanche to the best film critic of the country, experts, historians of cinema. I guess I’m not alone felt finally something useful for film and community, as well as a man who can not challenge the program of the festival, because he makes it, joked at a press -Conference one of the curators – Michael Trofimenkov. His program will Trofey five most interesting and unknown to a wide audience of political films from Italy, Germany, France and Venezuela.

Film critic Vasily Koretsky produced unexpected program Kor-Kor, dedicated to North Korea. Two paintings allow an idea of ​​the film industry closed the country. They complement the two documentaries filmed by Western filmmakers.

Art-director of the festival “Message to Man” and the program director of the festival, “Edge of the World” Alexei Medvedev prepared for the media forum even the two programs. First, Britannica, talk about the phenomenon of “Britishness” in the modern cinema of the United Kingdom: it will include, in particular, a gastronomic travelogue Michael Winterbottom’s “Trip to Italy” and the drama “The Destroyers” with Benedict Cumberbatch. Second, Teen Spirit, consists of ostrosotsialnyh movies growing up in recent years – is “Kings of Summer” Jordan Vogt-Roberts, “My name is Hmmm …” Agnes B., et al.

On account of the critic Boris absurd as two programs. NL-Po – rare treasures from the annals of the world fantasy genre. Among other things stand out, “The Tenth Victim” Elio Petri, a film in 1965 with Marcello Mastroianni and “World on a wire” by Rainer Werner Fassbinder, who in 1974, anticipated many of the findings of “The Matrix” and “The Thirteenth Floor”. Locarno Local – the best movies of the last film festival in Locarno, where they show the most daring and experimental cinema. In this collection Petersburg and find the owner of “Golden Leopard”, the mystical six-hour drama “From the foregoing,” Philippine filmmaker Lava Diaz, and the latest film favorite cinephiles Portuguese Pedro Costa “Horse Money».

The best of the program of the Cannes festival in the northern capital brought curator of the “Festival of Festivals” Alexander Mamontov. Including the latest film directed by Francois Ozon’s iconic “New friend” and a biography of the legendary fashion designer “Saint-Laurent. Style – it’s me, “Bertrand Bonello.

In addition to the above-mentioned theaters of St. Petersburg will show a selection of the most interesting documentaries, best” pilots “(first series) Russian TV series ( “Concerned” Boris Khlebnikov, “Tomorrow” Roman Volobueva et al.), as well as a series of bright world premiere TV series 2014 – “real detective”, “Motherland”, “Knickerbocker Hospital.” As the film’s closing on October 10 in the hall of the Exchange will show “Serena” with Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper, an English-language debut winner of the award “Oscar”, Danish director Suzanne Bier.


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