Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Uncompromising maestro Lyubimov last journey hundreds of grateful students and fans –

Arrange a farewell is in Vakhtangov bequeathed the master himself, who died last Sunday at the 98-year life. Go to the theater on Old Arbat Street all morning carrying flowers. Conduct maestro last journey attended by hundreds of people whose lives he filled with meaning and nadezhdoy.V Vakhtangov Theater Yury Lyubimov started out as an actor. A legendary and iconic director Lyubimov started when he was almost 50 years ago. And after was Taganka Theater, without which one can not imagine Soviet life 60 ?? 70 years.

Vladimir Ivanov , the director: “A wonderful time when all sat upstairs, all men in the same dressing room, and it was such a powerful young highly charged team of young people, was still alive and Leon Filatov, and Vanya Dykhovichny ?? In general, all young Taganka-. And there was over all over this great teacher ».

The reluctance to return to the Taganka even after death because of the loud break with actors ?? it is a gesture of this Lyubimov. Conflict, uncompromising ?? These qualities, together with the gift of theater made it a cult Russian director.

Alexander Galibin , People’s Artist of Russia, “Life of Yuri Petrovich just goes to show that the artist must be free, that only free people can truly do, it can really look. It can be love, not love, but a man who all his life doing it in his sense of freedom ».

Crown of the Taganka Theater today brought in Vakhtangov Theatre. Conflicts will be forgotten, and the memory of the performances and that the theater, which was not disappear.

Yuli Gusman , filmmaker: “I flew in specially for the performance of this theater. And when, after many years of it told Yuri Petrovich, not even met him in surprise. As it turned out, thousands and thousands of young people from all of the vast Soviet Union flew to get to the theater and breathe that unique theatrical and civic spirit, which has been impregnated with the Taganka Theater, and that brought back Yuri Lyubimov ».

Lyubimov and today no one called the person with whom it was easy. But in his theater wanted to get young actors.

Yevgeny Gerasimov , People’s Artist of Russia: “I was shown Yuri Petrovich theater. At this time, I already had two offers from “Satire” and “Mayakovsky Theater.” After the show, he invited me to her and asked, “Why do you come to me? You passage does not quite match the style of the theater. ” I said, “Just because I love you” ».

Yuri Lyubimov was buried at the Donskoy Cemetery, the resting place of Alexander Solzhenitsyn, another symbol of the recently departed time.


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