Monday, October 6, 2014

“Vanished” David Fincher was the leader of hire – Bulletin

On the heels of her in the cinemas of the USA is a horror “Curse Annabelle»

Excellent fincherovskaya adaptation of the novel Gillian Flynn collected at the start of $ 38 million, second-rate horror about a hell of a doll ?? $ 37.2 million. As a result of this double whammy office dozen leaders rental was $ 141.8 million, which is 12% higher than last year ( then won « Gravity”, which brought together more than $ 55 million). In fact, a new record ?? such a successful weekend of October the American film is not yet known.

« The Lost” was published on 3014 screens, and this, apparently, is not enough: in New York for tickets there were queues. $ 38 million ?? the most successful start in the career of David Fincher ( before that worked best « Panic Room”, which opened in 2002 with a $ 30.05 million). And for Ben Affleck, who played the male lead, is the best start since the days of comics « Daredevil» ( 2003). Names Fincher and Affleck on the bill provided « Vanished” a good deal of attention, but the main attraction was the story itself: a novel Flynn ?? bestseller in the United States.

Success « Curse Annabelle” provided it closely with one of the most popular horror recent years ?? « Sworn” by James Wan. At this time, Wang producer, and the plot of the film can be considered prehistory or incidental line « utterly destroyed.” In contrast to the « Vanished,” which went adults ( 75% of the audience over 25), another hell attracted youth ( 54% under the age of 25 ).

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