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“We have in any film a good start” – BBC

Director Vladimir Krasnopolskiy told “Gazeta.ru” about her new TV movie – epic “House with lilies.” Screening of the new film’s “call of the Eternal” and “Shadows at Noon” First Channel begins Oct. 6.

in 1946. With the war returned Colonel Michael spoke (Sergey flywheel) and brings to his family his illegitimate daughter Lily, whose mother (Daria Moroz) presumed dead. His wife (Olesya Sudzilovskaya) does not take the girl, but says insists that she was brought up in his family. Wartime comrades, the first secretary of the city Shulgin (Nikolai Dobrynin) Govorov helps to get a job and settle down in the “house of roses” – a family house with an evil reputation.

The first channel starts showing a 24-part series “House with lilies” , which tells the story of a family Govorovo and their environment from the Stalinist era to the present day. Removed the painting master of historical epics Vladimir Krasnopolskiy and Valery Uskov, even in Soviet times won viewers television series “Shadows at Noon” and “Eternal Call”. “Times” spoke with Vladimir Krasnopolsky of the “House with lilies”, film adaptations, ideology and Sholokhov.

– your big telefilms – “Shadows at Noon”, “Eternal Call”, ” Two Fates “,” Ermolovs “- a film adaptation of literary works. “House with lilies” is based on the original script. How much easier to work on the books?

– When the script is good – you can work with any material. What distinguishes the film from the original script? Adaptation of a somewhat richer, because the product has details, which are not included in the script (for example, we always use the original sources). So with the adaptations work more interesting. And there were working on the script, which can be so voluminous that they ask themselves on the screen. Our “Ermak” (mini-series 1996, work on it continued for almost ten years. – “Times”) is based on historical materials, but built drama film ourselves. It was the same with the “trap” or “Messing” book that came out after the movie. So any script – re-written, or on the basis of a work – has its own charm, its freshness. If this film adaptation – after it snapped up the book; and if successful scenario – people need to write a book.

– you are back to the topic of the Soviet past, which were also engaged in the 70s – only then can the past was closer, and its content was determined by ideology.

– At the time, the question was: what do we want to achieve with this film. That is, it was impossible to simply remove the adventure. The same “Ermak” received direction only when we have found a quotation from Pushkin: “Yes ignorant descendants Orthodox native fate last fate” – and there was a task to show that fate in all its truth and bitterness.

– Now, there are some – let’s call it the standards – in the image of life in the USSR? In Stalin’s time, Khrushchev, Brezhnev?

– What kind of picture – in particular, our – without ideological concept ?! Of course, there is always an ideology – a position dill you do or do a movie that will help viewers understand the world.

«House with lilies”, we immediately realized must tell vicissitudes of those who lived the Russian people after that terrible war.

As he got to his feet, as there were family, as it was difficult to overcome the disasters that surround any family. And if we’ve got – the honor and praise to the first scenario. Well, plus, of course, their own ideas, their thoughts, their knowledge of life.

– The very first scene of “The House with lilies” – Govorov visit to the orphanage – very similar to the ending of “Human Destiny” Michael Sholokhov. Only Andrei Sokolov takes Vanya to a better life, and your hero takes away his daughter to her stepmother, which carries a girl her hatred for her mother. This conscious opposition? Your opinion on how the story could develop further Sholokhov?

– You know, we do not even keep this in mind.

Do Sholokhov adoption – this is the end, we have – the beginning and the one to the other can be drawn with great difficulty.

But the issue of adoption, adoption in Russian literature and Russian art has always been a matter of the questions. Since this is a matter of loving Russian character, which is always close to who is in misery, with all my heart is drawn. That is, the “House with lilies” and the story can be compared Sholokhov terms of the Russian character in general, but the show – it’s not a continuation of the story, “The destiny of man».

Even with our Uskov painting “Give Me Life” (TV series 2003) the main character saves the life of his son, whom he really did not know – it’s the same story. This is the classic method, derived from the national character, he always appears in art, literature and in life. We can assume that this is one of the many features of the Soviet art – namely topic of adoption.

– You set itself the task of “open Russian character»?

– course . But the Russian character, not only in this episode, it permeates the entire series. This is the story of the cataclysms that have been in our country, which experienced the country as people survived in a few crazy, madcap life as helped each other, what love was – it was dictated by political events taking place in the side.

What’s this love was ugly, heavy, sometimes unbearable.

But the good that is in life, fills the “House with lilies.” In another, in fact, we Uskov never filmed: we in any film – a good start. Only that we always wondered.

– How would you describe your picture?

– This is a kind of melodramatic detective story in which the plot lines of love and hate, good and betrayal are so intertwined that it is difficult to detach from what is happening in the lives of the characters.

– All of your work – about the fate of people on a background of great historical processes. You consciously bind characters to the big events?

– This is the most interesting. You can remove a good story, an adventure, but when the action goes against the background of historical events, it becomes more expensive – people learn something of their own, grief, joy, betrayal, or a great love. Therefore, the social background in our films – the main thing. Even in a movie about Messing (“Wolf Messing: who saw through time”, 2009) –

the fate of this man is interesting, but not so much his extraordinary abilities as those in the background what events took his life.

The same thing happens with any thing, any person, if they are connected with the history, and the history shows truthfully. In the words of Karamzin, history vindictive, and she remembers not a happy outcome, but basically the evil that was going on in one time or another. And if it is right to show the evil side of life, the good will look much brighter because of the good is much more difficult to say than of evil.

– Actors help you in this task?

– On the ensemble cast, you can talk and talk and talk. Here Sergei Makhovikov – it seems everyone knows his work: he knows how to shoot, to be a spy and a soldier. In general, acted in action movies – and as in the “House with lilies” the eyes of his hero penetrating look at the family and inward, revealing the soul.

– We often shoot-series biopic of famous figures of the period – from Chkalov and Vasily Chapaev to Stalin and Galina Brezhnev. There is no desire to take on something like that?

– Desire already. Had a great desire to make a film “Kolchak”, it was our idea, we had worn for three years. Ensure that we were allowed to have been a perfect actor for the role of Kolchak, to liaise with the Sverdlovsk studio. But then – because of certain circumstances – abandoned it.

– You are working in Belarus. That shoot?

– This is a project with the working title “Tasia”, and called, is likely to be “funny life.” It is an ironic kinotragediya by genre is drama with a satirical slant. The film is about today, today’s minutes and hours, it’s about that human warmth that warms the people that were left without hearth, without love, themselves.

– When the film will be released?

– hope to finish – entirely – in February-March next year.


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