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“Do not be a miser!» –

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, speaking at a forum of the Popular Front, praised the quality of the Russian series, calling them “not very good”. The President noted the dominance of detective stories, and complained that local TV show is not much better for the quality of Latin American. Putin advised creators to pay more attention to the historical and cultural projects. “To” asked the creator of the popular TV movies and comment on the words of the president to share his thoughts on the modern Russian TV series.

Alexander Mitta

Alexander Mitta

Directed by Alexander Mitta (“Border. Taiga novel »):

First, it is nice that the president looks domestic sitcoms, that’s good. I remember once he looked the show “Border”. He liked it, and then our whole crew was given a state prize! So it can be rewarding some series.

And secondly, I think the quality of serials noticeably increasing. Here, for example, the last episode “Smile Mockingbird” on the First Channel. I am ashamed to say, but the last three nights … My wife used to look, and then said – Go and see, will not tear off. So I looked. Well, it’s great! Partly because the thought of this series Natalia Chepik that all my life I knew as a very talented playwright, but somehow she was invisible, you know? And here it is evident that it is a story that makes talented people. Wonderful idea, great actors. There is also a good director, Alexey Rudakov, so at the start and at the finish quality does not suffer. When there is a through action, a well conceived story, competent directing and playing cool actor (which is unfair, it should be noted, take away all the success itself) – means business is growing.

With regard to the comments of our President, they say, should more shoot about history and culture, and the detectives are not alone … I’ll tell you where cultural series – where the money! Detective – he’s at the most primitive level mobilizes the viewer’s attention. You create the puzzle, and the man sitting as you him no shows and looks. This is inherent in human nature – we want to get the answer who the culprit. Detective can be expensive, but it was originally removed the least expensive. So, naturally, the producers are trying to share the detectives was bigger. And when you’re shooting a cultural project – it is necessary to create an atmosphere, an environment has to cater for people with a higher level of culture and so on. This budget, it costs besides the rating can not be higher. It is clear that here the situation is complicated. But I agree with Putin, to make such serials needed. I am the way, love that this question (about the series) was given to him. So, you can get a new profit. Producers will be able to ask for money channels: Look, the president already interested in, so you do not need especially miser!

Vladilen Arsenyev

Vladilen Arsenyev

Producer Vladilen Arsenyev (“Bajazet,” ” Red Square “,” ambulance »):

Russian TV series, I would have rated below average. Are a continuous narrative repeats, especially in the women’s category. You could say the female theme deadlocked. Planted grandfather grandmother in prison, she planted her granddaughter and granddaughter planted Zhuchka. Then granddaughter came out of prison, met a mouse, got married, and that’s a happy ending. One and the same. Producers channel “Russia 1″, for example, believe that their core audience – women over 55 years old. They can give a gum for years.

Another story – for the thousandth time she comes out of the province, all so light and airy, and somehow gets into terrible trouble. But she lacks courage and femininity come out of it and find a good man. Somehow it all away from life …

People are not very anxious to raise the quality, something new to look for, find the young. Everything calmed down, sat in their seats, it is easier to solve problems through their people, maybe … Insistence on zero, so there is no competition. Such a great country, full of writers and ideas fully. Right now you’ll see how to “Catherine the Great” go. That will put the channel “Russia 1″ “Catherine” Masha Alexandrova, and the first will put others in which Julia had already Snigir undress and show how pretty she is in shorts and bra. As if competing, as if to say – just watch our channel. That’s the way we do today Soaps: absolutely irresponsible.

The TV channels all sorted out by genre. For example, NTV – a cops, cops, cops. And people do not come off with the needle. And we have a good rating, we will show the cops who steal, break laws, kill – but charming. Sneaky sneaky policemen from becoming a popular figure … So the question arises, even the president.

Elena Zakharova

Elena Zakharova

Actress Yelena Zakharova (“Kadetstvo” ” Kremlin cadets “,” Seraphim beautiful “,” Glaciers »):

I was quite shocked series” Rasputin “, filmed at the highest level! This is a real movie, serial feature film. And the “Thaw” is made incredibly talented. Now our series a very high level. When I have the time (this is, of course, rarely happens) and I find myself watching TV – happy to watch a TV show. I do not know why they say allegedly serials are bad. I’m curious. I’m sure that viewers watching with pleasure. I’ve heard so many positive comments!

However, I think that is not enough, for example, quality comedy projects – this is my personal opinion. I mean, not the endless sitcoms where a bunch of episodes, namely some short comic stories. It is understood that comedy – it is very difficult genre. And Americans, frankly, not particularly excelled here … I rarely watch Hollywood comedy, although there are certainly some classics. But the general level – the humor below the belt. American jokes are not close to me. But there is our lovely series – “Kitchen”. I accidentally saw it too and thought – very professional movie filmed masterfully. And beautiful, and the material is good. In general, it seems to me that we have in relation to television serials booming, very worthy.

And if we talk about detectives … We do policeman – a hero! This hero of our time. I, frankly, it always surprised. In life, in my opinion, everything is different. Yes, the president is right here, all too often made about the police, the police, about the detectives about the investigators, etc. This is the most popular genre today. I do not know, someone apparently orders. On the other hand, it is clear that the detective – the most fascinating genre. While I believe that we have an overabundance of police series.

Michael Porechenkov on the set of the series

Michael Porechenkov on the set of the series “Doctor Tyrsa»

Actor Michael Porechenkov (“Agent of National Security”, “Elimination”, “Case deli №1», «Kuprin»):

It is impossible to say what genres viewers prefer. People watching different TV shows – everyone loves a good movie. The main thing that the series was made qualitatively. I’m not a very close watch over what is on TV, especially for serials. It seems to me that each channel is responsible for its direction. Here CTC, as I understand, prefers comedies, they often guess the audience preferences, it’s easy genre. And now on the First “Miracle Worker” is. Wonderful movie, in my opinion. Each episode finds its audience. Can not say that any series has a high priority with the public, and no other trouble.

I’m not so much foreign TV shows watched, but what I saw … You know, a very noticeable difference in funding for them and us. And to fill some inner … yes, there shoot series on a high level. But we have a history of cinema! And we’ve got something to tell people his audience, not necessarily only watch western movies. There are universal values ​​that can tell. In this sense, our series is not worse. And the biggest budget, of course, we are far behind.

From our I would call such series (qualitative), as a “thaw” the same “Miracle Worker” … And, in my opinion, a fine comedy series “Interns.” I’m afraid to offend someone, because people have invested in the work soul, heart. Many wonderful series goes – it’s not as bad as it may seem.

Tatiana Davtyan

Tatiana Davtyan

Producer Tatiana Davtyan (“Father’s Daughter”) :

I think the quality of the Russian series grows. In general. But do not compare sitcoms and serials movies, right? What is meant Putin? On television became more humor and a little less than the cops. Although, of course, the last did not disappear. I personally observed this trend: in the last year we had a surge of serials Military History, patriotic content. Many biographical projects, like the recent “Gregory R.”. It is clear that if you compare with the American project of the “Orange – the new black” or “real detective”, it appears that such a level we have not yet reached. But actively seek it.

We have good comic series. I, for instance, I believe that the best project of the last decade have been and remain “Real boys.” Like we did not have all the new: the original idea and way of shooting, and the corresponding high ratings.

As for kinoserialov were decent, historical. I honestly think it’s better “liquidation” until we have no one took off. But, basically, we’re going in this direction. Say was the series “Life and Fate” – too beautiful, but unfortunately, the figure gave a very small because it was parallel with the “grouse”. Spectator went toward the latter.

A major problem – not enough money. But the most important thing – the lack of good scripts. Authors are very few, and to them for years all worth it. And on the bad scenario is not a good movie snimesh. I do not know where the good writers go? People able to write quality stuff is very, very little. It is clear that Western serials are on the order of our more, though, on the other hand, we and the labor is cheaper. But in general I must say that each channel has its target audience: what channel will, people and shoot.


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