Tuesday, November 18, 2014

First teleekstrasens USSR: From Kashpirovsky we drank, became friends, and then I gave him a promise – Interlocutor

This week’s events at the “Channel” – series “Miracle Worker.” Prototypes of the main characters, played by Fyodor Bondarchuk and Philip Jankowski, easily guessed – Anatoly Kashpirovskiy and Allan Chumak.

punctuated by several subjects (love triangle, a secret Soviet laboratory for the study of paranormal abilities, etc.) ” Miracle Worker, “focuses on the story of how on our screens first appeared psychics. We chatted with the pioneer of this movement Yuri Horn. It was he who paved the way for all current magicians on TV.

– I was the first of the so-called miracle workers, who were invited to the TV in the USSR – said “companion” Yuri Gavrilovic.

At the time, he was much more famous than Chumak and Kashpirovskiy together. With 60 spoke with hypnosis, repeating in public stunts Messing.

– Before the start of the 80 psychics and any other miracle of people close to the television screen were not allowed. Although we went on tour around the country, gathered wild sold out and earn a huge sum in those days. And in 1980, I was invited to mega program “New light”. Speech was a huge success. How to say now, “giant ratings».

– What first appeared on TV and Kashpirovskiy Chumak?

– Shortly after me. First brought Leonid Kravchuk. The future president of Ukraine then headed the Department of Agitation and Propaganda of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine, was a Soviet party elite. He offered to show them to the doctor from Vinnitsa – they say, and here are my talents. Well Chumak worked as a journalist, cool on TV. And also have realized, on what you can earn.

– Chumak, then fake psychic?

– Chumak just a sweet man, nothing more. As for Kashpirovsky I gave him a promise not to criticize him publicly. Although still believe that mass hypnosis, which he owned, is extremely dangerous to human health, especially the so-called mobile psyche. As a large company we watched TV: Kashpirovsky parodied Vladimir Vinokur. And one girl in my eyes fell into a trance – just from the phrase “I give the installation!»

/ A as in life?

The wife Chumaka: I have not had an affair with Kashpirovsky!

We tried to find another prototype of the hero of the series – a woman, by which the mad both psychic. Do Kashpirovsky ladies rather virtual (in the sense of a little-known), but at Chumaka there is more than a real wife. Ludmila heartily laughed at our question: “Because of me, Allan V. and Anatoly certainly not competed … I did not even know Kashpirovsky!»


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