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“Golden Mask” announced the nominees: the leaders – Bolshoi Theatre – Moscow Komsomolets

Award without excessive playfulness

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The National Prize and the festival “Golden Mask” announced contenders for the title of best performances, directors, actors, artists, conductors, choreographers, composers, and other good and talented people who make the Russian theater. Performances turned 56 – drama and music. But private nominations – a great many.

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The play “Hamlet. Collage “at the Theatre of Nations.

According to CEO Mary Revyakina Festival this year was particularly favorable for regional theaters. More than 60% of the poster is made up of imported productions. And it’s always the most interesting and exciting part of the festival, which just proves: Russian theater exists not only in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

A special feature of this festival has become an innovation that will be a nice gift for many theaters, sensory like outsiders after the announcement of the nominees: now in “Mask” there longlist. This list, which includes about two hundred performances (musical and dramatic), which were considered by expert advice as possible nominees, but did not collect the necessary number of votes. And, of course, getting into a long list – a definite sign of the importance and visibility of the play.

The leader in the number of nominations this year’s Grand Theatre, presented in 16 positions. There are champions private traders nominated for two works: the director Konstantin Bogomolov, conductor Theodore Currentzis artist Irena Belousov.

At the conclusion of the expert council of the musical theater, a clear trend in opera began conservatism and traditionalism, which replaced the “playful conceptual directing. ” But the musical and operetta, in contrast, were filled with new trends coming from the drama.

The Drama Theatre, rather, its key front, much younger, among the nominees for directors is much younger than many 35-year threshold that separates youth from maturity . Lots of drama performances, caught in the list of nominees, devoted to historical theme. And it is also a trend. Were the denial of nomination theater performances: Taganka Theater refused the nomination of Dmitry Volkostrelova play “New World in 1968″. The official reason – the inability of the play on the stage is being renovated for the season. But “Moscow Operetta” at one time expressed an unwillingness to cooperate with the festival, despite this, quite deservedly received a nomination for “Bal” Savoy ».

Among the nominees in the drama of a great form: KILL (Novosibirsk Theatre” Red Torch “),” The Cherry Orchard “Dodin,” Hamlet. Collage “Lepage at the Theatre of Nations, two performances Bogomolov -” Gargantua “and” Karamazov, “” Madame Bovary “Zholdak,” Measure for Measure “Pushkin Theater,” (M) student “,” Gogol-center “,” Three Sisters “by Yuri Butusova.

In the opera nominated Dido «Novaya Opera”, “Aida” Peter Stein in the musical “Stas”, “Don Carlos” and “So tutte” Bolshoi Theatre, Yekaterinburg “Flying Dutchman”, ” Nosferatu “(Perm),” The Tsar’s Bride “Andrew Mighty (Mikhailovsky Theatre).


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