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On the children’s “Eurovision” kuryanka Alice Kozhikina won fifth place – TVNZ

Kuryanka, winner competition “The Voice. Children » 11-year-old Alice Kozhikina November 15 will represent Russia at the children’s contest” Eurovision-2014 “. The contest was held in Malta in the small town of Mars. There attended by representatives of 14 countries of the world.

According to the results of voting representative of Russia won the fifth place.

Young kuryanka submit to the jury the song “Dreamer”, written in collaboration with his Producer Maxim Fadeev . A word invented myself Alice using soloist Olga Group SEREBRO Seryabkinoy.

Just before the final of “Eurovision” went online voting for the contestants. Young performers were evaluated by a professional jury, the jury of the previous winners of “Eurovision” and the audience directly. As a result, the small Russian woman was in first place in the number of likes.

– The super-talented girl. It uses the technique of professional voices. I just have nothing to say, I gave her the maximum score – told participants of previous “Eurovision” Misha Puntov .

«Komsomolskaya Pravda” has already told of the triumphal victory of the young Alice kuryanki Kozhikinoy on children’s “voice” in the spring of this year. Then a 10-year-old Alice voted 400 thousand Russians.

Alice Kozhikina then received a certificate for half a million rubles for vocational education. In addition, her mentor – Maxim Fadeev – promised that soon they will record their first single. In fact, the victory in the “voice” and cooperation with Maxim Fadeev and opened the way to Junior kuryanke «Eurovision 2014»

On the eve of the competition, we contacted mom young singer Anna Kozhikinoy .

– After winning the “voice” we signed a contract with Maxim Fadeev for 10 years. Thus, all the while watching and Alice will be producing center of Maksim Aleksandrovich. They organize tours of the proposed project, develop scenic image for Alice – told “Komsomolskaya Pravda” Anna Kozhikina. – While no major changes in the appearance and repertoire Alice did not happen. But the girl’s tight tour schedule.

– How Alice combine study and touring?

– girl – smart, she does very well, and the school with are sensitive to the fact that she is away on tour. Of course, there are certain disadvantages – we still live in the Leningrad region, and tours are held throughout the country. We have to take books with them to travel and engage in the school curriculum itself. I’m always accompanied by her daughter. Youngest daughter Ariadne on the tour remains with the pope. This year, she went to the first class.

– What are the immediate plans of creative Alice?

– In the framework of the signed contract, we have no right to divulge details. I can only say that in the spring of 2015 screens will cartoon Maxim Fadeev, the working title is “Sawa – The heart of a warrior.” Alice is also working on the soundtrack for this film. In addition to voicing her film Lolita, Glucose, Tears for Fears, Nikolai Baskov. On this film Maxim Fadeev worked for almost six years.

– Some of the teachers are now engaged with Alice singing?

– No, she’s studying music independently . Plus production center Fadeev.

If you recall the victory in the show “The Voice. Children “, then kuryanka bypassed by a large margin in the final of their competitors Lion Axelrod and Ragdu Khaniyev. Alice received 58.2% of audience votes, and Leo and Ragda 17.1% and 24.7% of the votes respectively.

In the final schoolgirl beautifully sang “better.” It was seen as kuryanka enjoys, charged from the audience and shares its energy with the audience.

In the second round of the finals of each of the three leaders spoke again solo. And only after that, taking into account the number of votes cast for the finalists determined the winner of the project. Alice spoke last. She sang Mariah Carey’s “All”.

prepare for the contest “The Voice” Alice vocal teacher Veronica Voroship .

– I think that the “Voice . Children “was brighter than adult” voice. ” A lot of talented children, with great vocal abilities. Alice, except for the wonderful vocals and beautiful artistic abilities, and still a great character. She is persistent, hardworking, responsible and quite modest, which is important for the future star.

Just before the contest Alice was interviewed Irish TV , which told me that she loved it and rehearse feels comfortable on the stage of “Eurovision».

When asked where he got such a strong little girl’s voice, Alice said:

– I do not know the secret. When I go on stage as if he wakes up in me.

On the children’s “Eurovision” Alice stood at number 13.


In 2014, adult and children’s “Eurovision” Russia represented kuryanki

Recall Alice Kozhikina – not the first-born of the Kursk region, which represents Russia at the contest “Eurovision”. In 2006 a resounding victory in a similar oknkurse won kuryanki Masha and Nastya Tolmachevy. and in 2014 girls represented our country in the adult “Eurovision” in Copenhagen.

From the file “KP”

Alice Kozhikina was born on 22 June 2003 in the village Uspenka Kursk region, where her family moved to live in the district town of Kurchatov. Since 2013, the family lives in the city of Pine Bor, Leningrad Oblast. Alice’s father is an engineer at a nuclear plant. Alice – fifth grade pupil Sosnovy gymnasium, excellent student.

According to mum girls abilities in the young singer found early. In three years, Alice gave to different circles, but the craving for singing emerged most strongly. In six years, the young singer has won first place in the city competition in Kursk.

Lyrics “Dreamer”

How do you say I love you.

With the wind behind us catching the rays of the hand.

And you will want to sleep, and I will sing.

And so close above the star.

And I give my dream.


White angels.

The sky we flew.

And just like we are.

Wings to touch the sky.

We white angels.

The sky we flew.

And just like we are.

Wings to touch the sky.

What now and where to run.

instead of the sky to fly with you again.

Or you want to be sleeping.

And I will sing.

And I’ll be over you.

And I dreamed of you.


and I learned to fly with the wind

I will be very dream of you and us.

I’m just dreaming.

You are my everything.

So how can I tell you this.

You are my all everything.

My love till the end of the time.

Can I be your everything.

Can I be your everything.

Or maybe I’m just little dreamer.

You are my everything


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