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“Christmas Tree 1914″: banned by the State Duma – NGS.NOVOSTI

The most profitable domestic film production – “Christmas Tree” from the factory Timur Bekmambetov – replenished with a new film. Like the previous three editions of “trees”, new – a few stories about the pre-holiday adventures Russians glued together sweet syrup or New Year – this time – a Christmas miracle and faith in the kindness of strangers. Christmas New Year’s miracle was replaced because the action was moved to 1914. In addition to poor children, weeping ladies and other classic characters in the Christmas story “elkah 1914″ can not do without and still Feodor Chaliapin – superstar Vladimir Mayakovsky and other scorner, and the Sovereign Emperor repeali ng idiotic laws of the State Duma.

Help: «Christmas Tree 1914″ – Christmas comedy. Dir. – Timur Bekmambetov, Alexander Kott et al. Cast: Sergei Svetlakov, Ivan Urgant, Arthur Smoljaninov et al. 6+. 106 minutes.

In the new “elkah” 6 stories unfolding against the backdrop of the Christmas days the first year of the First World War. The first story is built around the State Duma a bill banning foreign to the German tradition – trees. The attending a hospital (in the strict young lady medic, which, of course, the whole point), the young aviator is collecting signatures for a petition in defense of Christmas trees.

In the second novel by a young policeman secretly from his superior, spitting from the shame that around divorced (ie poets lip color, the men in tights skating), is preparing to take part in competitions in figure skating.

In the third – country boy who trained manual Bear Sancho learns that there are terrible master plans for bear. The fourth novel two poor orphans (not in the literal sense, but in the sense of sentimental roles) asking a lot of money on medicine sick mother. Among those to whom they pull fingers in mittens – imposing, elegant Feodor Chaliapin. The fifth novel hero Sergei Svetlakova not dare say its numerous households (heavily pregnant wife, grandmother threatens to die) at the most on Christmas Eve, he had to sell their house in the Black Sea and the buyer (Ivan Urgant) just around the corner.

to go, by the way, the family after the collapse of hopes to be in Novonikolayevsk.

The sixth novel – wandering from the “trees” in the “Christmas Tree” a story about two young blockheads from Perm, trying to figure out which one of They prefer a serene and granddaughter of deaf-eyed women Mani. At this time the opponents argue not that the steeper – skis or snowboard, and that one of them becomes the hero of the war, which they hastily signed, and who tear off his feet, hands and bayonet vykolet eyes. Gloomy joke – but there pomrachnee (for example, when a woman Manu – and especially its gold teeth – losing gambler at the station). Anywhere because no getting away from the fact that the new “Christmas Tree” go against the backdrop of a terrible war, occasionally throws up in bloody bandages frame. In general, starting with the third “trees” in this series, initially counted on distilled optimism, there was some sort of frown. Keep the viewer in a constant hohotke “Christ mas Tree” is not trying to have a third movie.

Sometimes joked on occasion, but mostly kept this strategy: it is bad thing sad, dark and cold – until in the final still will not light holiday miracle – and the audience will leave feeling touched and comfort.

The thing is probably that invented only some 5 years ago, “Christmas Tree” – a product of a very different era. “Christmas Tree” – a movie era Dmitry Medvedev’s presidency, which now looks surprisingly peaceful: there was not hot nor cold war, offended the feelings of believers did not require comforting victims, etc. Or President Medvedev, to paraphrase a famous anecdote – politician era of “trees” and the fourth “iPhone” – it does not matter. It is important that the “Christmas Tree” born of social optimism, and then adapted (quite successfully – in the end producer Bekmambetov really commercial genius) to the new realities. No wonder that under the tree became darker. With some amazing flair for history new “Christmas Tree”, it was decided to move the annual xenophobia, war and turmoil foreboding long before parallels played in full force. Today, only the lazy w riter not compare 2014 and 1914 – but retro “Christmas Tree” -What to start production as much as a year ago.

By the way, the historicity of the costume and they are conditional – and, of course, there are plenty of allusions to current topics. Duma ban Christmas trees because of their German origin refers to all the absurd bills recently. Competitions in figure skating, which partner persuades sensitive policeman wear futuristic yellow suit, reminiscent of the avant-garde motifs at the opening of the Olympics. His confusion and apprehension – and the fact that all these Burliuks Mayakovsky he drove a lot at work (for scandalous behavior on the creative evenings, fights with the audience and the general unreliability) – pretty clever illustration of the modern conflicts of contemporary art and ohranitelskih values Police and “Monstration” and so on.

«said Vladimir Mayakovsky, piano suspension from the ceiling, was not upset that he fell to the gendarme – sincerely narrator comments. – Royal upset. Mayakovsky – no ».

Of course, the” Christmas Tree “- that for a hundred years, we have not changed (well, okay – they comfort – still somehow get better ).

As it was in “elkah-3″, the fourth “Christmas Tree”, not very trusting people’s ability to screen pity people in the room, bear this responsibility on animals. At this time, awful – no kidding – it is terrible for the bear in the story, vaguely based on the harrowing story of Leskov’s “The Beast”. Who starred in the short story a trained bear, by the way, has already appeared in the “region” and “Horde”, and in his youth – in “The Barber of Siberia».

You can, of course, by the method of Dickens still starving and cold children to the final miracle looked lighter – but to work with children, as we know, not all are able to filmmakers – and as a result little angel in “elkah” gathering for Mom penny, so tune written and shows that it already appears that something sinister inhumanly, if the film is about to turn into a “Omen».

It is, however, a separate failure does not mean that the new “Christmas Tree” is somehow worse than the old ones. Previous three films necessarily fall into the top ten highest-grossing domestic tapes year – cash charges of third “trees”, for example, has exceeded one billion rubles. And there’s reasons why people who are basically like bekmambetovskie “Christmas Tree”, somehow not looked particularly new film – and no reason to suddenly fall in love with it from those who consider all herringbone series poppy plastic products. Normally, in general, “Christmas Tree».

Evaluation NGS.AFISHA: 3.0 out of 5

Elena Polyakova
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